'90 Day Fiance': Usman's Fans React to His Fiancee, 'Baby Girl' Lisa, For the First Time

Lisa and Usman from '90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days'

Lisa saw a whole new side of her fiance, Usman, on Sunday's episode of '90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.'

Lisa saw a whole new side of her fiance, Usman, on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

On the latest episode of the hit TLC reality series, 52-year-old Lisa finally gets to see 30-year-old Usman -- who's actually an entertainer and musician better known as "SojaBoy" in Nigeria -- perform at a club. Lisa has some anxiety before the performance since she's been vocal about not approving of Usman's female fans and says that there will "be a problem" in the club if a fan gets out of line, but she ends up enjoying herself and is more in love than ever with Usman after seeing him in his element.

Lisa calls watching Usman perform as SojaBoy "over the top, electrifying and sexy as hell." Although she notes that his female fans are like "lovestruck puppies," she herself is completely enamored watching him perform. Still, Lisa keeps her cool and sings along to his songs, and Usman says he is impressed with the way she behaved in the club.

However, in an extremely awkward moment, Usman plays the song he wrote for Lisa at the club and also debuts the music video for the crowd, which Lisa demanded be edited to remove the female model as the love interest due to her jealousy. Usman worries that his fans will not like the video and his fears turn out to be true when the crowd sits stonefaced during the video, clearly unimpressed.

Later, some of the females in the audience give their honest opinion to TLC cameras about both the "boring" music video and Usman's relationship with his much older fiancee.

"I can not call that pure love," one woman comments. Another woman is more blunt, yelling, "He wants her money! She should run away!"

But aside from Lisa being a fan of Usman's music, the two still have a lot of issues to work out. When the two travel to another hotel in preparation for meeting his mom, Usman says the two have been fighting a lot, mostly due to Lisa complaining about the living conditions in Nigeria such as having to use a bucket to shower and there being no mattress in their hotel room. Usman says this is starting to upset him since this is the way he grew up, and hopes she does not complain in front of his mom.

Meanwhile, Usman's friends continue to raise concerns about Lisa after last week's explosive fight between her and Usman's industry colleague, with another friend telling Usman that he doesn't like the way she talks to him, specifically, continuously ordering him around. While Usman says that this is the way it is in the United States, his friend says that traditionally in Nigeria and Islamically, the man is supposed to be in control in the relationship.

For more on Lisa and Usman's relationship, watch the video below: