JoJo Siwa Reacts to Chloe Fineman’s Impression of Her on 'Saturday Night Live'

Chloe Fineman impersonated JoJo Siwa on the 'Weekend Update' portion of this week's 'SNL.'

JoJo Siwa is loving getting roasted on this week's episode of Saturday Night Live. During the long-running Weekend Update segment on Saturday, comedian Chloe Fineman dressed as Siwa to celebrate her new "bad girl" era. 

Wearing the bedazzled black and silver look from Siwa's "Karma" music video, Fineman took to the sketch with the former Dance Moms star's signature brand of energy, even doing a pretty spot-on impression of her voice. 

"That's right, Colin. I'm a bad girl now! Yes, yes, it's a pretty big change," she quipped. "I used to be rainbow sparkles and now I'm black sparkles. I look like if a figure skater joined a street gang."

Chloe Fineman as JoJo Siwa on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update on May 4, 2024. - Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images

Sticking her tongue out and widening her eyes, Fineman turned to host Colin Jost and asked in character as Siwa, "Does it scare you, Colin? Does a former child star looking like this scare you?"

"Yeah, but not in the way you're hoping," Jost joked. 

As the sketch went on, Fineman attempted to smoke a cigarette, declared herself "the first gay girl in the world," and danced to Siwa's song, "Karma." 

Of course, Siwa spotted the moment and weighed in on her Instagram Story, reposting the video and writing, "ICONIC. I literally don't know what to say this is f**king crazy. 3 and a half minute skit on SNL."

Siwa is no stranger to criticism and online commentary. Back in April, she spoke with ET about her new era while on the set of the "Karma" music video. 

"I do have such a young fan base, and I do have a lot of kids that look at JoJo Siwa and still follow my music from years ago. However, you know, I'm not the same that I was when I was 14," she told ET at the time. "That can live on and people can know that human. But this now is 20-year-old, 21-year-old, here for a good time [JoJo]. Let's be honest. Let's be real. Let's make some art."