'90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise': Scott Has Had Enough of Lidia's Daughter Nicole and Fights Back (Exclusive)

In this exclusive clip from Monday's 'Love in Paradise,' Scott has finally had enough and has a heated exchange with Nicole.

There is trouble in paradise with Lidia and Scott -- and her daughter, Nicole, is not making things any better. 

In an exclusive clip from Monday's  90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise, Scott and Nicole come to blows when she confronts him about making the choice to end his relationship with her mother, and admitting that his younger ex-girlfriend from Colombia has gotten back in contact with him.

"You are not a good man," Nicole screams at Scott. "All suspicions I had about you are true. You are talking with your ex-girlfriend, Colombian, when you, you told me, 'Oh no, I don't have any communication with her.' You are a bull******, you are a liar."

Nicole goes on to explain in a side interview that she feels guilty for introducing her mother to Scott and supporting their relationship and doubling down on her comments that he is a "bad man" and a "liar." 

She then becomes emotional as she reflects on Lidia's heartbreak, saying, "First my father, now Scott. My mom just wants love. No more. No money, no status, just a good love. This is all." 

Through Nicole and Scott's heated conversation, Lidia -- who doesn't speak English -- sits on the ground and takes in the confrontation. 

Nicole takes the argument to the next level when she accuses Scott of wanting to pay for love and "pleasure" from younger women, instead of taking love serious like Lidia.

"You know, the only reason a young woman can be interested on you, is for money," Nicole says.

Scott then tries to give Nicole a scenario, posing the question of what if she was with her ex, Alejandro -- which she promptly shuts down. 

Scott begins to raise his voice, telling producers that he wanted the conversation to be constructive, and suggesting that they bring his kids in there so that they could defend him. 

Scott hears enough, as he walks away from Lidia and Nicole saying, "I'm done." 

Last week, Scott shook things up with Lidia -- who lives in the Dominican Republic -- when he told her that not only was the language barrier posing a problem in their relationship, but that his much younger ex-girlfriend reached out to him and left him confused about taking the next step with her.

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