'90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise': Lidia Finds Out Scott's Ex Is 29 Years Old (Exclusive)

In an exclusive clip from Sunday's episode, Lidia and Scott have a tough conversation with the help of her daughter.

It's time for Lidia and Scott to have a tricky conversation!

In an exclusive clip from Sunday's 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise, Lidia and Scott are joined by her daughter, Nicole, who is there to help the couple with their language barrier. Things start off hot, as Nicole grills Scott -- who speaks English -- about his Colombian ex-girlfriend.

"What happened with that woman?" Nicole asks.

"She stopped communicating with me, that was it," Scott retorts.

Nicole heats the conversation up a little more as she asks the 51-year-old the exact age of his younger ex. 

With a little hesitation, Scott shows off his minimal Spanish by saying, "29." 

Shocked, Nicole translates the answer to Lidia in Spanish, who raises an eyebrow at the reveal.

In her interview, Lidia shares that she did know that Scott had a Colombian girlfriend prior to starting their relationship. However, she was unaware of her age -- which happens to be the age of his daughter, leading her to question, "What is he doing with me?"

Back at the table in the Dominican Republic, Nicole speaks on behalf of Lidia, who wants to know if Scott -- who is eight years younger than her -- prefers dating younger women.

"No, 'cause I've dated all ages," the Arizona native says. "Age is a number for me. I think it's personality and if you click." 

In her interview, Nicole speculates that Scott's ex may have been in it for money because she "doesn't believe she was in love with him." 

Shifting gears in the conversation, Nicole asks her mother if Scott has purchased any gifts for her. When Lidia tells her no, she shares that she doesn't understand, seeing how he spent a lot of money on his ex.

Scott uses the opportunity to reveal that he has, in fact, gotten something special for his love, and he picked it out with the help of his mother after she changed his mind about getting his girlfriend a gift prior to his arrival in the Dominican Republic. When Scott gets up to get it from the table, Lidia looks a little puzzled by the reveal. 

"For me, it was more important that he brought me a gift from his heart," Lidia says in an interview. "But his mother was more interested in that gift being given out of love than him, and that makes me doubt that he wants something."

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