'90 Day Fiancé': Natalie Moves Out of Mike's House With Her 'Friend' Juliana

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Mike and Natalie's relationship took another big blow on Sunday's season finale of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?. After intense fighting all season long following their last-minute marriage just hours before Natalie's visa was set to expire, Natalie decided to move out of Mike's home.

During the past couple of episodes, Natalie got close with her friend, Juliana, whom she met online. Juliana has a house in Seattle, Washington, and Mike explosively revealed during a previous episode that Natalie has actually been spending most her nights with Juliana as opposed to with him. On Sunday's episode, Natalie decided to move out of Mike's house for good and into Juliana's home, with Juliana's encouragement. Mike was surprised by Natalie's decision, and only found out when Juliana came back to his house with a suitcase.

"I just feel like we came to the point where it's terrible," Natalie told him. "I'm suffering a lot, I don't want us to fight anymore. I'm tired to prove anything and I cannot be here."

Natalie proceeded to give more attention to their pet rat than to Mike, prompting a frustrated Mike to tell her that he didn't care and for her to get "[her] s**t" and leave.

Mike told cameras, "I can't believe she's going to walk away. I didn't break up with her or anything or ask for divorce or anything. And, sometimes I feel like, you know, neither one of us give the full 100 percent that is needed to give to come together and figure things out. There's no one else that's gonna fix it besides us, and for her just to so easily to throw away our relationship ... I don't deserve it."

Meanwhile, Natalie told cameras she was worried Mike wouldn't accept the fact that she was leaving, but that she was "100 percent committed" to doing so.

"Michael, I love you but I feel like I'm dismissed," she told him. "You're not hearing me. You're not considering my feelings and I'm not happy like this."

Mike told cameras, "I'm not chasing her. I poured my heart out. She's always saying that I'm not listening to her and her feelings, but it's a two-way street 'cause she doesn't listen to mine either."

When Michael asked her one last time if she was "in or out," she rolled her eyes and said that she couldn't fight anymore and left. But in a truly awkward moment, Juliana came in Mike's house and asked to use the bathroom.

"Use the bathroom, take my wife, it's all good," Mike mumbled under his breath.

Juliana then attempted to comfort Mike as she left, telling him that he still had his job and his cat -- even though he clearly didn't want to hear it and repeatedly kept telling her "it's fine." Juliana even went in for a hug and knocked off his hat in the process.

Some fans have been speculating that Juliana likes Natalie more than a friend due to her touchy-feely nature.

In a preview of next Sunday's two-part tell-all, it's clear Mike and Natalie's relationship has not improved. Mike's mom, Trish, makes an appearance and calls Natalie "evil," and Mike also asks at one point, "Anyone know a good lawyer?" Watch the video below for more.


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