'90 Day Fiancé': Producers Step In After Jasmine Gets Physical With Gino

Jasmine and Gino's fight takes an alarming turn.

Jasmine and Gino's explosive fight over Gino sending topless photos she sent to him privately to his ex took a troubling turn on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Producers stepped in after Jasmine got physical with Gino.

During the episode, Jasmine was still reeling over Gino's ex DM'ing her on social media that Gino not only sent her topless photos Jasmine sent to him in private, but was also texting about her behind her back. Jasmine also discovered that Gino was on a sugar baby/sugar daddy website and was paying women to go on dates with him. After Jasmine cried and screamed at Gino -- calling him a "loser" and "a depressing old man" -- she talked to her friend, Linda, and her anger only intensified.

"You know what, he's dead to me," Jasmine told her. "I'm going to make a f**king scandal about this to that son of a b**ch. This is not going to stay like this, f**king bas**rd. No, I'm full of hate because it's my reputation!"

"I'm not the kind of girl who goes away with this sh*t," she added to cameras. "You did bad to me, you'll pay for it."

Jasmine angrily re-entered her hotel room with Gino and continued to yell at him and said she was going to sue him. Jasmine then ripped off Gino's hat. Gino is extremely sensitive about being bald, and has previously refused to take off his hat even while going to sleep. After Jasmine threw out his hat, Gino immediately grabbed another hat from his backpack and put it on.

"I made a mistake to send the pictures but I can't take it back now," Gino -- who previously said he sent the photos to his ex to brag about how hot his new girlfriend is -- told her.

Jasmine called Gino "trash" and a "stupid old man." She threatened to publish his own private pictures that he sent to her, but then said she wouldn't because they were "depressing." She then took a swipe at him to remove his hat once again, and Gino recoiled back, which is when a producer stepped in from behind the cameras to diffuse the alarming situation.

"I'm gonna f**king kill this goddamn old depressing man," Jasmine said as she was held back and led out of the room by a producer. The next day, Gino broke down in tears over his actions.

"I'm pretty sure she's done with me," he said. "But I can understand that, after all the sh*t I caused her."

But in a surprising turn of events, Jasmine decided to forgive Gino the next morning after "crying all night long" and after Gino said he was "devastated" about his "selfish mistake." Gino said he would never communicate with his ex again and just wanted another chance.

"At the end of the story, Gino, I want what most people want, just to be loved," she told him. "And I love you, you know that I do, Gino."

The two hugged and Gino said he loved her too. Jasmine told cameras that although people would think she's "stupid" for forgiving him, she knew he loved her.

"It's just like, how he look at me, he love me, I know that. ... I am still hurt, and it will take work to heal from this, but, it's hard to find love and I found that in Gino and I don't want to lose that," she said.

ET recently spoke with Jasmine and she addressed Gino's sugar daddy past.

"I cannot judge Gino for what he did in his past relationships," she said. "I do believe that so far, you can see in the show that he has shown me that he's a good person, that he's so into me. I mean, this man has not run away from me after showing my super crazy and wild side."

"Even if he did it, I don't see a sick man, like a pervert abusing women, anything like that," she continued. "If he did it, it's just out of loneliness and wanting company. And I know back in the United States, before he lost his job, he was a very busy man, was working all the time, and maybe, I don't know, he didn't have the time to go and meet girls and he relied on this website. I don't truly know, but I believe that Gino is overall a good man and he would never disrespect a woman."

She also talked to ET about Gino's insecurity when it comes to taking off his hat. Jasmine said Gino looks great without his hat, and bears a resemblance to Bruce Willis.

"From my perspective, there is nothing wrong with his head," she said. "I truly believe that he looks even better without the hat. I think he looks very attractive. So, it has nothing to do with the way he looks because he's still attractive with or without the hat, it's the way he feels toward it. He even mentioned it in the show. He feels naked, he feels not comfortable with this new version of himself that is without the hair and only time will tell if he will eventually be comfortable being outside without a hat."


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