'90 Day Fiancé's Jasmine Addresses Her 'Out of Control' Jealousy and Rumors Gino Is a Sugar Daddy (Exclusive)

Jasmine also opens up about Gino violating her privacy with an ex.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Jasmine definitely has regrets when it comes to her extreme jealousy over her boyfriend, Gino. ET's Melicia Johnson spoke to Jasmine about the current season of the hit TLC reality show, and she opened up about the root of her "out of control" behavior.

Gino, 51, traveled to Panama from Michigan to meet 34-year-old Jasmine in person after talking online for nine months. Gino called Jasmine the love of his life and intended to marry her and have kids with her, but had some reservations about her jealousy. Jasmine, who shared that she had been cheated on in the past which affected her behavior, would get upset over Gino merely tipping a waitress and explode at him for still being respectful to his ex-wife.

Jasmine admitted to ET that it's hard for her to watch the footage back, and that she "absolutely" regrets her behavior. 

"I judge myself on my actions because sometimes I was like, out of control, you know, for some of the things that I did on the show and it helps me to just have a self-reflection on myself," she says.

Jasmine noted that her jealousy came from being insecure, leading her to see every woman as a threat to her relationship. But she says she's grown as a person and now knows that her actions were wrong.

"I believe it is OK expressing how you feel, what would be dangerous is not letting the person know how you feel, you know? But maybe my approach, the way I expressed those feelings, was definitely not the best because I was being way too emotional and it has nothing to do with Gino, it has everything to do with me," she reflects. "I was the problem, you know? I was coming from a very difficult relationship in which I was getting divorced, there were my two kids involved, I was very vulnerable and I was being very emotional. Then I had gone so many years without being in a romantic relationship with a man and it was difficult for me to get used to having someone and expressing my feelings the best way. I look at myself and I'm like 'wow.' Like, I'm in shock at my own actions. It's kind of late, but I'm a work in progress is all I can say."

"In real life, I'm a super sweet, kind person," she stresses. "I couldn't believe I said that. I can't believe I refused to let Gino give a tip. It's like, I'm watching that girl and I can't believe it's myself."

Of course, Jasmine isn't the only one in the relationship who's been criticized by 90 Day Fiancé fans. She addressed rumors that Gino had been in a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship in the past.

"Whether it's true or not, we all have a past," she says. "And I cannot judge Gino for what he did in his past relationships. I do believe that so far, you can see in the show that he has shown me that he's a good person, that he's so into me. I mean, this man has not run away from me after showing my super crazy and wild side."

"Even if he did it, I don't see a sick man, like a pervert abusing women, anything like that," she continues. "If he did it, it's just out of loneliness and wanting company. And I know back in the United States, before he lost his job, he was a very busy man, was working all the time, and maybe, I don't know, he didn't have the time to go and meet girls and he relied on this website. I don't truly know, but I believe that Gino is overall a good man and he would never disrespect a woman."

Still, she did allude to Gino violating her trust with an ex, which is still to come this season.

"It was super sad for me, the way I was given this information, she recalls. "It was very shocking. I was not expecting it, especially because all this time I was telling myself that this topic with the exes was only in my mind. It was all in my head. And, you know, I was not that wrong. My intuition was kind of right because he was here communicating with his ex. ... More than being mad, it's something disappointing for me, very disappointing. And I wish any person never had to experience this ever, it's like a violation of your privacy, and especially coming from someone you love."

As for what attracted Jasmine to Gino in the first place, she insists she finds him handsome and notes that his "calm" nature is good for her. She also shut down the notion that she was using him for a green card or for his money, noting that she already had a "comfortable" life in Panama thanks to her profession as a literature teacher.

"I like him physically, first of all," she says. "I believe he is a very attractive man, like, his physical characteristics, I like it. I have never felt attracted to men that are younger than me, that's something in like, all my relationships. I have always dated people that are at least five to 10 years older than me and Gino is 17 years older than me, so I like him physically. He's very mature. He is just the opposite from my personality. He is like, a very calm person. He likes process. He doesn't let himself get too emotional by the heat of the situation and he helped me to drain my energy because he's very calm and he's extremely sweet, a very sweet guy and a gentleman. To me, those were very hard qualities to find in a man nowadays."

"If I'm gonna date someone for his money, it's going to be, like, filthy rich," she adds. "You know, like a millionaire, tons of money! If there is no love involved, I'm gonna find a man that's, like, super, super rich, not Gino who is more, like, average. So, those are misconceptions and I always laugh about it. Like, give me a break, c'mon."

Jasmine later addressed Gino's insecurity when it comes to taking off his hat. Gino wanted to wear his hat to bed during his first night with Jasmine, and has repeatedly refused to take it off at her request. Jasmine said Gino looks great without his hat, and bears a resemblance to Bruce Willis.


"From my perspective, there is nothing wrong with his head," she says. "I truly believe that he looks even better without the hat. I think he looks very attractive. So, it has nothing to do with the way he looks because he's still attractive with or without the hat, it's the way he feels toward it. He even mentioned it in the show. He feels naked, he feels not comfortable with this new version of himself that is without the hair and only time will tell if he will eventually be comfortable being outside without a hat."

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.



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