'90 Day Fiancé': Jasmine Explodes at Gino and Says She Doesn't Want Kids With Him

Gino is scared after Jasmine gives him a taste of her shocking temper.

Jasmine's shocking temper was on full display on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Jasmine got upset with Gino over his ex-wife, and she threatened to leave him and dropped a bombshell on him in an abrupt way.

Gino flew all the way to Panama from Michigan to meet Jasmine in person after connecting online. While 51-year-old Gino was definitely attracted to 34-year-old Jasmine, her explosive temper worried him. She got upset when he was polite to waitresses and also called his ex-wife "stupid" even though Gino and his ex are still on good terms.

On Sunday's episode, Jasmine not only booked an expensive trip without telling Gino -- even though he is currently unemployed due to getting laid off during the pandemic -- but she told him he needed to burn all the things in his house that had to do with his ex-wife. She also said he needed to repaint his house because she didn't like the colors that he and his ex-wife picked out together. Gino pushed back and Jasmine exploded.

"I deserve to pick out the f**king goddamn colors because in a few days I have sucked your d**k more than she did in seven f**king years!" she told him. "I'm not saying anything bad, isn't it real? You told me that."

When Gino told her that she didn't "have to say nasty stuff like that," Jasmine was enraged and asked him why he defended his ex-wife so much and asked if he was still sleeping with her, which he denied. Jasmine has been cheated on before, and previously admitted to having insecurities over it.

"Just call the b**ch and stay with her," she told him, before bursting into tears. "Got me sick. It's always the same. You always make me look crazy! You're always defending that goddamn b**ch and you're comparing me to her all the f**king time!"

Jasmine walked out of the room in tears, and Gino told cameras that Jasmine's reaction was "a little scary."

"It shocked me how Jasmine can get really upset at a moment's notice," he said. "Her emotional instability gives me concern about our future and I really don't know where we go from here."

Jasmine eventually returned and threatened to break up with Gino. She told him to go back on the dating website and look for another "stupid woman." After she said she was leaving the next day, Gino told her they needed to work it out. Jasmine told him that he could no longer say anything good about his exes ever, or she was going to "get crazy" again. Gino agreed and said he wanted to marry her and have kids with her. Jasmine then dropped the bombshell on him that even though Gino was ready to have kids now and already brought her pregnancy tests, she'd actually been taking birth control pills without telling him. Gino was stunned and asked her if she was going to continue taking them now that they've met in person.

"Gino, we are not making a family right now," Jasmine, who has two kids from a previous relationship, told him bluntly. "We are not ready, not even close."

Gino told cameras, "It's disappointing to know that she was keeping this secret from me for a while because we both agreed that if she got pregnant on this trip, it would be a good thing. I wish she would have told me, I wish she would have been just honest with me."

"Today, Jasmine showed a side of herself that worried me a little bit," he added. "I'm happy that we can talk through these issues and get through this, but, I just hope that I don't see that side of her again."