'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Charlie Takes Foot Fetish Pics of His Wife, Reacts to Family Estrangement

Charlie denied he had a drinking problem and also said he fully supports his wife taking pics of her feet for money.

Viewers finally got to hear Elizabeth's brother Charlie's side of the story about all of his siblings going against him on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?. Charlie's siblings as well as his brother-in-law, Andrei -- whom he got into a shocking fistfight with on camera -- have refused to speak to him this season after alleging he's an alcoholic, and in turn, Charlie and his wife, Megan, blamed Andrei for everything.

Elizabeth and Andrei refused to go to her mother's birthday party since Charlie was going to be there. Andrei also butted heads with his mother-in-law after she accused him of drinking just as much as Charlie. In a rare occurrence, Elizabeth's sisters actually agreed with Andrei about Charlie's drinking though they eventually decided to still attend their mom's birthday party. Elizabeth was upset that her sisters changed their mind and still refused to attend. Meanwhile, her sisters and mother accused Andrei of isolating her from her family.

"I think it's easy for my family to blame my husband for everything that's going on recently because he is an outsider looking in and he's kind of sticking a mirror in their face and going, 'Look, this is what's going on,' and they don't like it," Elizabeth told cameras. "The truth hurts sometimes."

Later, cameras cut to Charlie taking sexy pictures of his wife Megan's feet. Last September, Megan shocked viewers during her appearance on 90 Day Bares All when she admitted to taking pictures of her body parts for money, including her feet, though denied Andrei's claim that she was a "porno star." During Sunday's episode, Charlie was not only taking pictures of Megan's feet and directing her, he revealed it was actually his idea for her to sell photos because she had "really sexy feet." Megan claimed she made over $70,000 last year alone from her side hustle.

"I think it's hot," Charlie said. "I fully support her."

As for the family drama, Charlie said that while he always attends his mom's functions, his siblings end up not going because of him and that in the end, they were only hurting their mom. Charlie said he hasn't spoken to anyone in his family since the fistfight with Andrei and that even his father, Chuck, was now on Andrei's side.

"OK, so you choose him over me, and destroy my character," Andrei told cameras. "What kind of dad is that?"

Megan also said that Charlie's sisters used to be her best friends and stopped talking to her for no reason other than telling her that Charlie was "toxic." Charlie refuted claims that he has issues with alcohol.

"This whole narrative about Charlie being toxic is bulls**t," he said. "'Oh, Charlie drinks too much.' Bro, whenever we get together, everyone's drinking. They sit around and accuse me of drinking too much and Andrei you want to go hang out with my dad and do shots and get drunk with him, bro?"

"I'm not an alcoholic," he stressed. "Like, do I drink when we get together? Yeah, you know what I'm saying, but I don't sit there and drink every day. Andrei and Libby try to put these labels on me to justify what they're doing to our family. Like, it's bulls**t."

Charlie accused Andrei of turning his family against him and pushing him out of the family real estate business for financial reasons. He also accused him of controlling Elizabeth.

"Like, Libby's changed, like what she does, he tries to control her, what she says," he alleged.

He continued to place all the blame on Andrei and hinted at a future confrontation.

"I'm going to prove to them that I'm not the one that tries to start fights with everybody," he said. "I'm not the instigator. ... I'm going to make them prove to me what I did wrong. I'm going to defend myself."