'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Debbie Returns to America and Says She'll Never Talk to Oussama Again

Debbie says she's never going to speak to Oussama again and admits that her 'fantasy' is over.

It looks like it's finally over between Debbie and Oussama. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Debbie packed up and left Morocco after accusing Oussama of using her just to get a green card, telling cameras that the "fantasy" was over.

Debbie and Oussama have been an unlikely couple from the start given their 43-year age difference. Still, Debbie took a chance on love and moved to Morocco from Georgia. Things quickly soured, however, as Oussama told her his future plan was Debbie taking him to America so he can work as a poet. Debbie noted that they had never discussed that and also said he was a completely different person than how he was when they spoke online. She quickly took her things from his parents' house and left, and on Sunday's episode, Oussama had a heart to heart with his sister, Asmaa. Despite how it may look, Oussama insisted that he really loved Debbie and wasn't using her. He regretted calling her "crazy" and said he couldn't control himself in the moment because she kept pushing him.

"I fall in love with Debbie because she is like me, an artist, and she value my poetry and she understand my words," he told cameras. "But she didn't explain to me that when she said 'I will move to Morocco,' I didn't understand that she will move forever. I always think we will move together to the U.S."

Oussama admitted he never wanted to live with Debbie in his home country and didn't have the money to move to Rabat like she wanted. Later, Oussama asked Debbie to meet up at a cafe, but things didn't get better between them. Debbie said for Oussama to win her back, it "would take an act of God."

"I feel sad because you lied to me about your emotions and love and I can't accept that," she told him. 

She eventually walked out after she told him he "wimped out" on her. Oussama merely replied, "OK."

"I fell in love with somebody who was true and kind and wanted to do something with his life," she told cameras. "I wanted to believe the best in him and even though I wanted him to be my hero, my prince charming, it is a bait and switch of the most cruel kind, to outwardly become somebody's hero but inwardly becoming someone's worst nightmare come true."

Later, Debbie packed up all her belongings and took a flight back to America. She continued to insist that Oussama had tricked her during the three years they dated.

"Somehow, some way, I'll recover from all this craziness but you got a wiser Debbie now," she told cameras. "I'll have to work on myself to be able to trust again, but I can do that. I'm a tough old broad."

"I need to pay attention and listen and wake up from this fantasy," she added, acknowledging that her children warned her this would happen. "It's so sad that my expectations were not met. I was going to spend the rest of my life here and build my new community with my new husband, but this experience was like sticking your finger in a light socket and getting electrocuted."

Still, she noted she learned a few things. 

"Oussama taught me some very, very hard lessons," she said. "After 12 years of isolating myself to protect myself because I couldn't trust a man with my emotions, now, it's like, OK, I've been burnt by the worst of them, so I will never communicate with Oussama again and I've got to be smarter and wiser. I'm not gonna hole up ... I'm not gonna let the bad guy win. Oussama don't win in this. Debbie's gonna win in this."

Debbie has had two failed marriages in the past. ET previously talked to her about this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, and she insisted she'd been "careful" with Oussama, though acknowledged she's a "very loyal person" and "very trusting."

"I said to myself, you know, no one's gonna pull anything shady on me anymore," she said. "I've had enough shady stuff done to me my whole life, so I said, Oussama, he's gonna be that that prince, that prince charming, and I'm going to help him and he's going to help me and it's like, my son doesn't get that but I do and you know, yeah, I'm older. I get that that. It's like this is something other than just age, you know? This is something important to the intrinsic nature of a human being to survive and to flourish."

"I felt at home with Oussama because I knew from how he spoke to me and his dark side that he had suffered through some depression and possibly some bullying or something and I wanted to lift him up because I could relate to that," she also shared. "You know, I self-isolated myself and I put myself in an exile, a self-imposed exile, because the world was too hurtful and to painful to deal with and then I found that in Oussama too. So I said, well gee whiz let me kinda like help him out of it and let him see that there is lightness because he did tend to get dark sometimes but then he got way better and he even said that, you know, I brought light into his life."

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