'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Patrick's Mom Says Thaís Doesn't Want to Marry Him in Heartbreaking Moment

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History may be repeating itself when it comes to Patrick. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Patrick and Thaís traveled to Boston to spend time with his mother, Paula, who's dying of lung cancer, and she bluntly shared her doubts about Patrick and Thaís making it down the aisle.

Thaís and Patrick are engaged and are set to get married in one week, but she's seriously considering moving back to Brazil because her father doesn't approve of the marriage. While wedding dress shopping with Parick's sister, Tiffany, Thaís did find her dream dress but admitted to cameras she was still very unsure about marrying Patrick. Tiffany, in turn, told her she didn't want to see Patrick go through the heartache that he went through with his divorce to his ex-wife again.

Meanwhile, Patrick told cameras of the tense situation, "Now I'm just in, like, survival mode. She can just pack her bags one night and she's gone."

Patrick's mom has less than a year to live and Patrick has been open about having a rocky relationship with her, though they reconciled before the coronavirus pandemic. Thaís said she felt pressure to marry Patrick because if she didn't go through with it, she would break his mother's heart as well. Later, at dinner, Tiffany and Paula questioned Thaís' maturity since 25-year-old Thaís made it no secret that she was homesick for Brazil and they sensed that she wasn't mature enough to make the move to Dallas to marry Patrick and start a family and live her own life apart from her family and friends. 

"My grandchild will live in America," Paula insisted.

Thaís told cameras she felt hopeless and that she didn't have a voice. When Tiffany directly said during dinner that she thought Thaís didn't want to live in America, Thaís admitted she wasn't sure. Paula said she had a hard decision to make. In a candid confessional, Paula told cameras that Patrick and Thaís definitely weren't ready to get married.

"And I think deep down, she doesn't want to marry Patrick," Paula said. "I think she's doing it just because she doesn't want to make things bad by not doing it. I've been married four times myself -- one time, two times, three time's a charm, no, go four -- and Patrick, unfortunately, he's taken after his mother."

In a preview of next week's episode, Thaís tells Patrick's family friend that while she doesn't want to hurt Patrick's feelings, her father's opinion is more important to her. The family friend then urges her to break it off immediately if that's what she wants to do. 


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