'90 Day Fiancé' Star Stephanie Claps Back at People Criticizing Her for Making $100K Selling Farts 

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90 Day Fiancé star Stephanie Matto has an interesting way of making money. The 31-year-old reality star -- who's starring on the current season of 90 Day: The Single Life and is also known for her failed relationship with her ex, Erika -- said she made $45,000 selling her farts in a jar in just one week, and has already made over $100,000.

In a now viral TikTok video, Stephanie took her followers through her process, noting she likes to get the day rolling by eating beans, a protein muffin or low-sugar yogurt and hardboiled eggs.

"While I wait for those farts to develop, I like to read -- I'm very smart, I like to read -- and then when I'm ready to go I, you know, do my job," she said.

Stephanie explained that she adds flower petals in her jars with farts since they attach to the scent and make it last longer. She also writes handwritten notes for her customers. She charges $1,000 per jar.

In a later video, Stephanie claimed she made $45,000 in one week for her jars of farts. As to why people buy her farts, she has an answer.

"I honestly think it's because I have a really good personality and also because I'm hot," she said.

In another Instagram video she posted on Wednesday, she acknowledged some criticism she's been getting.

"People judging me for selling my jarred farts," she wrote. "Them not knowing I've made over 100k and own a beautiful home and multiple cars."

Stephanie of course, isn't the only 90 Day Fiancé cast member with an eyebrow-raising way of making money. During an episode of 90 Day Bares All in September, 90 Day Fiancé star Elizabeth's sister-in-law, Megan, said she sells pictures of her feet for money.

"I get requests for different pictures and I sell them and make money," she said, before claiming Elizabeth, as well as Elizabeth's sisters, Jenn and Becky, got her into it. "They can call me trash all they want but they started before me."

She said she's made over a thousand dollars a day selling pictures.

"It's more than just feet, but, anyway," she noted. "If people like my feet and people have foot fetishes, why not make money? I would've never thought I could make money from selling foot pictures but foot modeling is a thing and if I could make money, why not?"


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