'90 Day Fiancé': Stephanie Breaks Up With Ryan and Calls His Cousin Harris

Stephanie's situation in Belize is getting messy.

Stephanie's situation in Belize got even messier on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé. Stephanie dramatically called it quits with her much younger boyfriend, Ryan, and got back in contact with his cousin, Harris, whom she previously slept with.

Things between 52-year-old Stephanie and 27-year-old Ryan have been awkward since she arrived in Belize after 10 months of not seeing him due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although Stephanie gave him her mother's ring to propose to her with so he could come to Michigan to be with her under a K-1 visa, the two have huge trust issues. Stephanie did not believe that Ryan had been faithful to her for the 10 months they hadn't seen each other, since she had caught him texting multiple other women in the past. Meanwhile, Ryan is tired of Stephanie questioning him, though surprisingly said he forgave her when she came clean to him about sleeping with Harris after she previously briefly broke up with him.

On Sunday's episode, Stephanie got upset after she insisted on using a condom with Ryan because she didn't trust him, but he didn't use one. Ryan left their hotel after Stephanie got angry, and he said that Stephanie was trying to embarrass him.

Stephanie told cameras, "You know what, he blew it. He blew his chance right there. I'm a very... I'm so f**king forgiving. But, you know what, he blew it. He blew his chance right there. ...  When the truth is being told, I'm a very forgiving woman. When I'm being lied to, f**k off and die. That's how I look at it."

Meanwhile, Ryan insisted to cameras that he had done nothing wrong and called Stephanie "f**king crazy."

"Every single trip Stephanie comes, she doesn't trust me," he said. "It's nothing f**king new, you know? Every trip she comes, she brings condoms, she doesn't trust me and we never use them, so it's nothing f**king new."

Later, Stephanie called Ryan and ended it, and said she was going to find another man in Belize.

"I feel you're lower than low," she said. "I feel you could crawl under this whole building. So, all I need to know is why? Do you really hate me that much that I asked for one thing, one respectable thing, wear a condom so I have peace of mind? ... This is over. This is over. F**k off and die, Ryan. You know what? I'm going to go find myself a little cabana boy. Well, I got tons of nice slides and slippers. And man, I've got thousands of dollars of watches and tons of clothes."

Stephanie then called Harris on the phone to complain about Ryan. Harris took her side and was still obviously flirty with her, calling her "baby" and "babe." She then asked him to come see her, and he told he would see her the next day, before their phone connection died.

Stephanie told cameras, "Now that Ryan is gone and I'm sitting here by myself, I need a good solid friend right now. And Harris has always been there for me. He's always warned me about Ryan and I just, kind of, brushed it off."

"Oh, God. My life is a sh** show," she noted.

Stephanie ended up calling her psychic and friend in Michigan, who advised her to drop Ryan. The psychic also said she felt Harris did care about her, though he had other motives.

Earlier this month, Harris made a virtual appearance on 90 Day Bares All. He claimed to producers that Stephanie was flirty with him since they first met and that he fully intended to sleep with her again should the opportunity arise. He also said that he didn't regret or feel guilty about sleeping with her because she is "so beautiful," and claimed that Ryan treated her poorly.

"I wouldn't have imagined I would ever do something like that, but such is life," he said about his actions. "It happened, so, what can I do?"


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