'90 Day Fiancé': Ryan's Cousin Harris Speaks Out About Sleeping With Stephanie

Harris has no regrets about having sex with his cousin's girlfriend.

Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé featured Stephanie finally confessing the big secret she had been keeping from her longtime love, Ryan, while in Belize. During one of their breakups, she slept with his cousin, Harris.

Stephanie was finally able to fly to Belize from Michigan to see Ryan on Sunday's episode, after she had to stop her frequent trips to the country because of the coronavirus pandemic. Stephanie, 52, and Ryan, 27, weren't in a great place in their relationship due to trust issues. Stephanie had previously caught Ryan texting other women though they eventually got back together, and he was clearly annoyed at her for continuing to question him even though they were supposed to have moved past the trust issues.

In Belize, Stephanie gave Ryan the ring she wanted to be proposed to with in anticipation of him popping the question so that she could take him to Michigan with her on the K-1 visa. However, things were clearly off between them, and later she asked Ryan why he didn't want to have sex with her during her first night back in Belize.

"I mean, I wasn't expecting the big hour sessions that, you know, that we usually have when I'm on vacation," she told him. "But I haven't seen you in 10 months. So I was kinda thinking, 'Well, I wouldn't mind a quickie.' Again, for the bonding, not for the big... wasn't expecting a big magic show. Didn't you think about it? Because unless we're fighting, it's always been four times a night. So, I don't know, I feel there's something else."

A stoic Ryan insisted he didn't have a problem, and defensively said that he hadn't slept with anyone after Stephanie doubted he could go without sex for the 10 months they hadn't seen each other.

"She's got these negative thoughts on everything," Ryan told cameras. "It's not my fault she has trust issues, you know?"

Later, Stephanie broke down in tears and she told him about sleeping with Harris during a low-point when she had broken up with Ryan after she caught him texting other women. Ryan surprisingly didn't have much of a reaction, but shocked her when he said he already knew what she did. He told her that while he was able to forgive her, he was no longer speaking to Harris and didn't consider him family anymore.

"I think he's an a**hole," he told cameras about his cousin, noting that his friends who are hotel workers caught them together. "I found it really wrong and disrespectful, especially from my cousin, right?"

"I mainly blame her for entertaining him, but, I blame both of them," he added.

Meanwhile, Stephanie wasn't as relieved as she thought she would feel after telling Ryan her big secret.

"In some ways, I'm glad that he's acting like he's forgiven me, but, you know, he's kinda holding back, there's something there, like, he still is really mad, and he just doesn't wanna let it all out," she noted. "So, I don't know if my confession is the beginning of us healing, or this could be the end of our relationship."

But in a 90 Day Bares All bombshell later that night, producers were able to virtually get a hold of both Ryan and Harris. Ryan admitted he wasn't sure why he chose to stay with Stephanie after she slept with Harris, and was still clearly angry with his cousin. He abruptly signed off when Harris appeared virtually. As for Harris, in a video segment, he claimed to producers that Stephanie was flirty with him since they first met and so when she texted him the night she broke up with Ryan, they slept together. He then said Stephanie told him they needed to keep that night a secret, but that he fully intended to sleep with her again should the opportunity arise.

Harris told 90 Day Bares All host Shaun Robinson that he didn't regret or feel guilty about sleeping with Stephanie because she is "so beautiful." He also said that Ryan treated her poorly.

"I wouldn't have imagined I would ever do something like that, but such is life," he said about his actions. "It happened, so, what can I do?"

He then boldly hit on Shaun, though obviously, he didn't succeed.

"You just text me your number and I'm gonna keep you company," he said with a laugh.

For more on this season of 90 Day Fiancé, watch the video below.


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