'90 Day Fiancé': Sumit's Mom Cries After Her Astrologer Calls Her a 'Selfish Mother' (Exclusive)

Sumit's mom is getting told to stay out of her son's relationship in a way that's finally getting through to her.

Sumit's mom, Sadhna, is getting told to stay out of her son's relationship in a way that's finally getting through to her. In this exclusive clip from Sunday's new episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Sadhna gets some advice she doesn't want to hear from a trusted source -- her astrologer.

Sumit and his parents, Sadhna and Anil, are big believers in their longtime astrologer, given that he has predicted things that have turned out to be true in the past, such as Sumit falling for an older woman. Sumit is now, of course, engaged to Jenny, who's 29 years older than him. In this clip, the astrologer pays a visit to Sumit, Jenny and his parents, and asks about Sumit's parents staying at her son and Jenny's home. The experience has been uncomfortable so far, as Sadhna has been criticizing Jenny over her cooking, cleaning and hosting skills.

"There is so much work for a woman," Sadhna says. "And Jenny doesn't know any of it."

But the astrologer is surprisingly firmly on Sumit and Jenny's side, telling Sadhna that she doesn't need to teach them anything, and that her only intention should be to enjoy the visit.

"You shouldn't interfere in anyone else's house," he tells her bluntly. "Eat, drink, have fun, nothing else. And Jenny will learn."

"Is it their marriage or your marriage?" he then asks her, when she says she envisioned Sumit having kids with his future wife, which will be difficult given Jenny's age. "It's not yours, right? The point is, you're not the one getting married, so you have nothing to do with this. ... If you meddle in their relationship, then they'll view you as the enemy. What kind of mother are you? Are you a selfish mother? It seems like it to me. Let him go."

At this point, Sadhna breaks down in tears. The astrologer also tells cameras that Sadhna attempting to teach Jenny things won't work.

"She is doing a useless exercise," he says. "It is like she has pre-lived this thing in her mind, that, 'Yes, one day my daughter-in-law will come and I will help her out, I will teach her.' So, these are just dreams. They can't work here."

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ET spoke with Jenny and Sumit in August, when Sumit said he was willing to go against his parents' wishes in order to marry Jenny.

"I keep on trying as much as I can," Sumit said about convincing his parents to accept his and Jenny's relationship. "After all that, after I feel like I've put in all the effort to convince them and show them how happy I am with Jenny and that's what I want in my life, after that if they don't understand then, no point in that, I think I will go ahead and marry Jenny."