'90 Day Fiancé' Tell-All: Angela Walks Out After Usman Calls Her a 'Pig'

Angela and Usman went head-to-head in an explosive confrontation on part one of this season's tell-all.

Angela is back to her old 90 Day Fiancé antics. On part one of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?'s four part tell-all on Sunday, Angela walked out after immediately getting confrontational with her fellow 90 Day Fiancé cast members before taping even officially started, particularly, her longtime nemesis, Usman.

Angela is no stranger to completely losing her temper, such as when she walked out of a previous tell-all after flashing everyone onstage. Before the tell-all even started taping in New York, cameras followed her in her hometown of Georgia, where she said she was not in a happy mood since she was mentally drained from fighting with Michael. During the season finale, Angela claimed she discovered that Michael had been cheating on her with another woman he met on social media.

"Honest to God, Michael's got me f**ked up," she told cameras.

Her daughter, Sklya, encouraged her to cut her losses with Michael after Angela complained about how much she'd already invested in him. She then teased that she had "a secret weapon coming," which she later revealed was a man whom she's known for several months who was going to help her "get through [Michael's] lying."

"He has agreed to help me expose Michael with all this shady bulls**t," she shared.

But Michael wasn't the only person she was planning to confront at the tell-all. She noted that she was also coming for Usman, whom she's had bad blood with since calling him a "scammer" in a previous taping of 90 Day Bares All. She said Usman had been badmouthing her on social media and was even more upset that Michael didn't stand up for her. She said she would also blow up at Usman's love interest, Kim, if Kim attempted to say something to her.

"I thought he was a scammer and I still do," she said of Usman.

During the tell-all, the rest of her castmates clearly had already had enough of Angela's antics. Big Ed encouraged them not give her any attention so she looked like "an idiot." Jovi said that during this season's tell-all, he hoped they wouldn't have to wait for her all day to tape. As Angela finally walked onstage while the rest of the cast was already seated, she immediately flipped off Usman who was on camera from Nigeria, calling him a "stupid b**ch," while he called her a "stupid a**hole." The two immediately started arguing, with Usman telling her that he wasn't scared of her. Angela said he was all talk and no action and called him a "piece of s**t." The rest of the cast looked stunned as Usman then accused Angela of scamming Michael and taking him "hostage." When Yara told Angela to sit down and respect them, she set her sights on Yara.

"Why don't you sit me down, b**ch?" she retaliated, getting in her face. "I don't have to respect anybody, shut up."

As Angela finally went to sit down, Usman yelled, "Go and get your seat, pig!"  At that point, Angela walked offstage, cursing everyone out. As she continued to lose her temper outside of the building, Usman said Angela "was the worst thing to happen to Nigeria" as everyone laughed. While Michael attempted to defend his wife on camera from Nigeria, Usman heatedly told Michael that he needed to help himself and leave Angela.

"This woman will kill you at early age," he shouted.

Michael then took off his mic and called Usman "a piece of s**t." He said he didn't want to film anymore and called Angela on the phone. He told her that she was his "queen" and that he didn't want to film without her there. Meanwhile, back at the taping, the rest of the cast said Angela was disrespectful and Kim noted that she already came in "rough."

"I don't know what the hell she was going to do with [Usman] through the screen, but it's shameful and it's disgusting," Kim said.

Taping eventually resumed without Angela and Michael, but the couple did return as seen in the preview for part two of the tell-all, in which the couple discusses Michael's alleged cheating. Host Shaun Robinson also drops the bombshell that after all their drama over Michael's Instagram, he's back on the social media app without Angela knowing. Angela is shown breaking down in tears as Michael denies it.

For more on Angela and Michael's intense ups and downs this season, watch the video below.