'90 Day Fiancé's Kim Says She and Usman Are Soul Mates and Reacts to Being Called 'Delusional' (Exclusive)

Kim talks to ET about this season of '90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?' and shares why Usman is her soul mate.

90 Day Fiancé star Kim is secure in her relationship with Usman despite facing intense criticism online. ET's Melicia Johnson spoke with Kim about this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? and she talked about her and Usman's unconventional relationship and why she is so invested.

Kim and Usman have had plenty of ups and downs this season as his family hasn't accepted their relationship given their 18-year age difference and Kim insisting on being Usman's first wife even if she can't give him children. Kim stresses to ET that her relationship with Usman is the real deal and "an honest to God relationship." She shares that she actually spent private time with Usman in Nigeria without cameras, which is when she really got to know him.

"He's just really funny, like, I don't think people understand what a good sense of humor he has," she notes about what made her fall so hard for Usman. "We have so much in common. I know it sounds crazy as hell but we like the same TV shows, we like the same food ... I really felt like I met my soul mate, you know? In my whole 52 years of living, I've never felt so comfortable with another human being. He just likes it when I'm dark circle Kim with my hair pulled back, you know? And I just feel like seeing him and knowing where he came from, it just made me love him that much more. Like, we went and we fed the poor and the homeless when I went on my private trip and ... that's what I always wanted, somebody that is just as giving and as kind-hearted as I am."

Kim acknowledges that their relationship can be seen as one-sided given that she's sacrificing so much to be with him in Nigeria and also accepting that he wants multiple wives. Kim says she wants viewers to understand that after having done her research, she does in fact know what she's getting into with letting Usman have multiple wives and that she would welcome being in his kids' lives.

"I want to make that clear I would never make another woman feel like The Handmaid's Tale, OK?" she stresses. "It's not like that. ... I would totally be in the child's life, totally. Even if it's just, you know, my Christmas here or whatever. I am not raising it but I mean, I would be more supportive than how I've been in the past."

"I love Usman enough to let this happen," she continues, noting that she wants him to have children. "I have learned that I have to pick my battles. I kind of stepped to the side when it comes to this subject a little bit but we've talked and we have clarity on how it's gonna be. We have a plan that's for us. I can't really say it right now, so it's difficult. It's something that I never thought I would imagine, but I think that just like if he ever comes here, he's gonna have to adapt to my culture."

Kim also acknowledges that the online hate she gets for their relationship deeply affects her but shares that it's actually Usman who has helped keep her confidence up.

"You know, Usman has given me a lot of self-worth," she says. "I know you guys don't see everything, but do you know what it's like to wake up every single morning and look at your social media and see how ugly I am, how desperate I am? I am going to cry, sorry. How delusional I am, throw-up emojis, I mean, that disgraces me more and my self-worth than anything Usman has done so far."

"I block all damn day, but like, my self-worth is really important to me right now at this moment," she continues. "At 52, I am beautiful. I look amazing. I probably look the best I have ever looked, right? And Usman gives me that too."

However, she did address a moment during this season when Usman told her he had lots of beautiful women he could have in a not so subtle dig at her looks. Kim says she has called him out on it.

"I've told him that and I've said that to him. Like, 'Why do you say s**t like that?'" she says. "I said, 'How would you feel If I went on there and talked about how skinny you are? How would you feel if I said how I feel about things sometimes?' You know what I mean? ...  And I said, 'Do you know how that makes me feel?' I was in a mentally abusive relationship before and it was somebody that was calling me ugly or somebody was being very manipulative, you know? And I see that and then he makes these comments and then when I watch them, I'm like, 'What the f**k?' ... It makes me feel not beautiful."

"I don't deserve it, but then when we're laying in bed, he's like, 'You're so pretty without makeup,'" she adds. "You're so this, you're so that, so it makes him look like a flip-flopper."

As for her own behavior, Kim admits the one thing she does regret this season is throwing a milkshake at Usman during an argument. She's also previously thrown a drink in his face.

"I won't do that again," she says. "Once again I've apologized, it's not who I am and it's just the frustration at the moment and I feel like I didn't like his outfit that day and I was just ... I'm just joking, but there's no excuse for violent behavior from anybody. He made a comment, he said, 'Kimberly, I swear if you throw something else at me ,I'm throwing it back.' So ever since then I'm like, never mind."

Later, Kim gave her two cents on fellow 90 Day Fiancé cast member Angela, who's also involved with a much younger Nigerian man  -- Michael. Despite Angela calling Usman a "scammer" in the past, Kim is supportive of Angela.

"I really like her, I think she's just a no bulls**t kind of woman," she says. "Some of the behavior I'm like, 'Stop it, stop it, stop,' but I feel like Michael isn't being totally real with her too. I feel like he's doing the same thing that Usman does and they tell you, like, half the story or half the truth and when you get there, it's just like, 'Oh s**t.' So I feel like he's doing her like that too, but I have to say, I love Angela. I really like all the couples except for a couple, but I won't say their names."

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.