'90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' Recap: Daniele Crushes Yohan's American Dream

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Daniele dropped a bombshell on her husband, Yohan, on Sunday's premiere of this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Daniele, who met Yohan while vacationing in the Dominican Republic, bluntly told him that she didn't want to live in New York City even though his dream is to live in America, and instead wanted to stay in the Dominican Republic which wasn't what they previously agreed on.

90 Day Fiancé viewers first met Daniele and Yohan on the spinoff Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, and their love story continues on this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. After getting married, the two are facing one big issue -- Daniele wants to leave her busy life in NYC behind for a more relaxed life in the Dominican Republic with Yohan while he wants to live in NYC and help out his family in his home country since he has the potential to make a lot more money in America. 

On Sunday's episode, Daniele told her yoga students as well as her close friends that she planned to move to the Dominican Republic, which shocked them. She's so serious about the idea that she's leaving a lot of money behind when it comes to her pension because she doesn't even want to stay for just a year longer. Not surprisingly, her loved ones were skeptical, with her students worried that Yohan's a "sanky-panky" -- a man who works at resorts and specifically looks to pursue tourists.

"I am confident that I'm making the right decision," Daniele insisted to cameras. "All of the concerns that my friends are raising are in the what ifs category and I don't really worry about the what ifs. I just want to enjoy my life with the love of my life at a slower pace near the ocean."

However, she acknowledged to her friends that Yohan thought the plan was for him to get his visa so they could live in America. She said she in fact hadn't even applied for his visa.

"My plan is just to keep it moving unless he fights. I mean, if I don't apply for a visa, he can't go anywhere," she noted. "So, I could just hold on to his marriage certificate and never apply for a visa."

Later, Daniele went to the Dominican Republic to visit Yohan and dropped the bomb that she never wanted to go back to NYC. Yohan was shocked and told her that's not what she previously told him, which is that she wanted to rent an apartment in the Dominican Republic for a year while they waited for his visa to get approved. Daniele said that now that everyone has moved back to the city amid the coronavirus pandemic, apartments were very expensive again. Yohan told cameras that Daniele was just giving excuses because she didn't want to live there anymore.

"In reality, she doesn't understand what it is to live here in the Dominican Republic," he told cameras, pointing out that the salary in his country is only enough to live day by day. "In my country, you work for years and years and years, you don't have anything."

Yohan told Daniele that he didn't want to live in his home country, but Daniele resisted, noting that he didn't speak English so he wouldn't get a high-paying job. Still, Yohan told cameras that he knew people who went to America with nothing and built a whole new life.

"It's one of my dreams, and Daniele is coming and she is destroying my dream," he said. "Because that's not what we talked about and agreed on."

Daniele said she was allowed to change her mind. She then got aggressive, telling him that she knew he wasn't "stupid" and pointed out that her rent alone is $4,000 a month.

"It's not possible. Don't you understand?" she asked him.

Daniele told cameras that whether Yohan liked it or not, he didn't have the power to go to America on his own, so he had no choice.

"Your dream is not real," she bluntly told him. The American dream is not real."


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