'90 Day Fiancé': Tim Breaks Down as He Reveals What He Did to Break Melyza's Trust

Tim finally disclosed what he did that led him to the decision to move to Colombia to be with his girlfriend, Melyza.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 2 star Tim finally disclosed what he did that led him to the decision to move to Colombia to be with his girlfriend, Melyza, instead of their initial plans that consisted of her moving to Dallas, Texas, for him.

The episode started off by introducing 34-year-old Tim to viewers, who said he embodied all of the typical American stereotypes -- except he has an adorable emotional support cat, Pepe, that almost stole the show. He said he was nicknamed "cheese stick" growing up because he resembled the food, and also disclosed the not-so-great parts of his past. Tim said he started partying heavily after high school and was arrested for breaking and entering into cars when he was 24 years old. He spent about a month in jail, and eventually got his life together after reevaluating who he wanted to be and what he wanted in the future.

He met 29-year-old Melyza at a bar while in college, when she was working as an au pair at the time, and said his "goofy" personality won her over even as other men were trying to get her attention at the bar. Tim made no secret he was intensely physically attracted to Melyza from the start, and the two began a serious relationship even though she lived in another country.

This season has continuously teased Tim's big revelation, which turned out to not be entirely surprising. Tim said that last year, while he was struggling with the distance between the two of them, he cheated on Melyza with a co-worker.

"It started with casual conversation and eventually turned into a full-blown, intimate, sexual encounter," he said.

Tim said he was not proud of what he did and broke down in tears, explaining that Melyza no longer felt comfortable leaving behind her family in Colombia for him after his actions. He said he didn't expect her to ever trust him again, but that he hoped by making the big decision to move to Colombia, she would see that he was serious and had genuine intentions. Later, when he broke the news to his friends that he was moving to Colombia permanently and explained why, they all sided with Melyza. One female friend told him she wanted to "smack" him for her, and another friend told him that while she wanted to wish him luck, she felt he didn't deserve her after he cheated on her.

Tim acknowledged he had a lot of work to do when it came to repairing his relationship with Melyza.

"She's worth it," he said of the sacrifice he was making by leaving his life in Dallas behind. "I really hope I get it right, man."

ET spoke with Tim earlier this month and he had no issue placing the blame on himself when asked what he did to get Melyza to give him a second chance.

"Honestly, I feel like not enough," he said bluntly. "And I feel like that's something the viewers are going to find out about as well is how much did I ... how much have I actually been fighting for her, and how much have I been complacent?"

"You know, every relationship has their trials and tribulations and we're no different," he added. "And there's just been certain things that have transpired over our relationship that have been ... made her more hesitant with moving to the United States permanently. So... [moving to the U.S. is] not completely off her radar, but it's just been based on what we've been through in our relationship. It's kind of made us reevaluate where we are gonna be together. And I've never had an issue thinking about moving to Colombia at all."

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