'90 Day Fiancé's Big Ed Is Reportedly Engaged

Looks like Big Ed has finally found the One.

Looks like 90 Day Fiancé's Big Ed has finally found the One. The reality star is reportedly now engaged to his girlfriend, Liz.

TMZ reports that 55-year-old Ed and 28-year-old Liz were at a nightclub in Santa Barbara, California, last week, and published a photo of Liz sporting a sizable ring on her left ring finger in a smiling group photo with Ed. According to the outlet, the couple confirmed they were engaged to other club-goers, and Ed was introducing Liz to people as his "beautiful fiancée." ET has reached out to TLC for comment.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness tells ET that Ed and Liz were in Santa Barbara on Friday at the train station. The eyewitness says they were friendly to fans and very affectionate with one another. In a video, the couple share a sweet kiss.

Ed first rose to fame on season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, when he traveled to the Philippines to meet Rose, after they connected online. She ended up breaking up with him, and Ed later starred in 90 Day: The Single Life, in which he pursued Liz. But the relationship was rocky. During the 90 Day: The Single Life tell-all in May, Ed and Liz said they broke up. Liz emotionally said Ed rushed their relationship, and that he went to Las Vegas and hung out with other women just two days after their breakup.

"You blocked me and went to Vegas, and ranted about your sugar babies," she said at the time. "I didn't expect to be dumped and then him be out in Vegas living the life."

Ed didn't deny his actions, and despite his fellow 90 Day Fiancé cast members urging Liz to move on, she expressed that she wanted to get back together with him. Liz also wasn't fazed when fellow 90 Day Fiancé cast member Fernanda outed Ed for trying to hit on her 26-year-old roommate.

"I've missed Ed a lot this last month," Liz acknowledged. "As far as the future, we were talking about it earlier, I still love him. I still want to be with him, but he's pushed me away so many times that I told him if we were giving it a fair chance, it has to be a fair chance, and I would want to go to therapy together and cut out our drinking."

As for Ed, he said he was still in love with Liz and wanted to go to therapy together.

"The only thing that gives me pause is that we're not going to be able to figure our sh** out in three sessions," he said. "I'm committing to how many ever it will take for me to get you back and for me to fix my sh**. ... But I love you, Liz. When she walked in here, I froze. I was knocked off my rocker. I haven't seen her since we broke up a month ago today. The minute she started talking, I'm like, I'm screwed because I'm in love. That's a good thing, actually."

ET spoke with Ed in February and he explained why he doesn't feel he connects to women his age. Watch the video below for more.


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