'A Million Little Things' Cast Reveal How They Cope With the Show's Most Emotional Moments (Exclusive)

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A Million Little Things will be bringing even more emotional moments to your TV screens beginning Wednesday night.

Since the new ABC series debuted its first trailer, it has been receiving comparisons to NBC's hit drama, This Is Us. And just like the death of Jack Pearson kept fans guessing throughout This Is Us' first two seasons, A Million Little Things kicks off one of its main storylines around a mysterious tragedy -- exploring why Ron Livingston's character commits suicide.

"If you are going to compare us to anything, compare us to This Is Us, please," actor Romany Malco told Leanne Aguilera during ET's exclusive set visit in Vancouver.

Other similarities between the shows include the powerhouse ensemble casts and the powerful tear-jerking moments that will have fans reaching for the tissue box.

"When I read the pilot, I was at this restaurant in L.A. and I started crying," confessed series star David Giuntoli. "I turned to what my body thought was a wall, but it was just a window. There are people here, like, looking at me right through the window as I’m crying. So get your Kleenex or even a beach towel, because that thing will be saturated by the end of the season if you’re binge watching."

So how does the rest of the cast cope with all the emotion? They group text and have karaoke nights to bring some laughter and levity into their lives after particularly intense scenes.

"Forget group texts, I got karaoke night on film," joked Malco, as he shared footage of the cast's night out -- which included co-star James Roday belting out The Cure. "That is full commitment! He is not only a fully committed actor, he's a fully committed karaoke singer."

A Million Little Things airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

For more on the show, watch below.


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