A Tyler C. Appreciation Post: Why We Stan 'The Bachelorette''s Respectful King

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown
ABC / Mark Bourdillon

While other frontrunners have seen scandal, Tyler C. has focused on respecting Hannah Brown.

This is a captivating season of The Bachelorette. The lead, Hannah Brown, is honest, emotive, strong, flirty and fun. Viewers are watching major drama play out on-camera (read: Luke Parker vs. everyone), plus, scandals about the contestants are coming to light off-camera in real time. Jed Wyatt's reputation has been tarnished, to say the least, after allegations surfaced that he had a serious girlfriend when he went on The Bachelorette. Even the seemingly squeaky-clean front runner, Peter Weber, has come under some fire, via rumors on social media about an alleged relationship he had before going on the show. Motives are in question, though it's worth noting that none of these men (Luke, Jed or Peter) are yet able to give interviews and address any comments or claims.

But there is one standout contestant killing the game both on- and off-camera. As of publishing time, he's scandal-free -- and he's not just a sweet guy or a pretty face. Here are all the reasons we're loving Tyler Cameron.



1. Tyler wants the best for Hannah Brown.


When Tyler showed up for his first one-on-one, a seaside date with Hannah, she told him right away that she was "not that great" emotionally (Brown was upset by the actions of the other men, largely Luke, from the night before.) Tyler didn't express any emotional reaction of his own; instead he put Hannah first. "I'm here for you," he told her. "We're going to have fun regardless. We'll make the most of it. I got you, don't worry." 

Plus, Tyler takes ownership... even when he doesn't necessarily have to. When Hannah broke down during a stressful cocktail party in Scotland, the Florida native demanded that the whole group of men take responsibility. "She's up here crying, she can't enjoy herself on our last night in Scotland. It's bullsh*t on all of us," he said. "We're messing this up completely."

2. He's defended Hannah on- and off-camera. 

In the June 24 episode, Luke spoke out about his issues with Hannah going topless bungee jumping with another contestant, Garrett Powell. Tyler calmly confronted Luke. "I actually respect and love that she went for it. She's making her own decisions," he said. "Let her go have those experiences, living to the max."

He also held Luke accountable: "Do you not think it's a double standard, the fact that you're able to parade around [this season] in a Speedo and show your big bravado self, but she can't go do bungee jumping?" he asked. 

And on social media, franchise alum James Taylor came after Hannah after the episode, alleging that she was "bothered" by her own sexuality (something Hannah never said). As Tyler put it: "Let our Queen live."

3. His speeches to Hannah are something to behold.

ABC / Mark Bourdillon

From the June 3 episode: "Know that, when you're getting down, there's a reason why you're going through all this right now. There's no doubt in my mind that this is all going to make you better at the end of the day. You're going to come out the most amazing person ever, and with the most amazing person ever. I want you in your highs and I want you in your lows. I'll take whatever I can get with you. I want to be the man next to you at the end of this, you know? Today I want to show you that I can be that guy who picks you up. ... Just know that I got you, and I'm always going to have you." 

From the June 24 episode: "You were wearing all white, and you looked Heaven-sent. You looked like an angel. I pray to God that you're my angel, you know? And later on, you held it down with all of us. You stood there and fought. You had this look, where you were just all business, and I thought, 'That's what I want. I want that.' You're going to have kids, and things that you have to stand up for and fight for. Where did this fighter come from? Because I adore it." 

I mean...

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4. Additionally worth a look: his Instagram posts. 

We'll just leave this right here...

5. But wait for it: he also gives back.

6. Tyler gets along with the other guys.

Tyler has been conflict-free on The Bachelorette, and appears to be friends with the other men on the show. Yes, he stands up to Luke, but he doesn't engage in name-calling or screaming matches, and has never used his time with Hannah to talk about the other men. 

7. And finally: dance moves for days. 

Is Tyler the reincarnation of Elvis Presley? Exhibit A: 

The Bachelorette airs Monday nights on ABC.