A$AP Rocky on Celebrity Cameos, Including His Girlfriend Rihanna, in New Documentary (Exclusive)

ET caught up with A$AP Rocky at the world premiere of his new documentary 'Stockholm Syndrome' at the Tribeca Film Festival.

For A$AP Rocky, his new documentary is a chance to tell his truth, and he feels "truly blessed" to have the support of his celebrity friends and girlfriend, Rihanna.

Rocky spoke with ET on the carpet ahead of Stockholm Syndrome's premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on Sunday, and he opened up about the film and his ladylove's appearance in it.

When asked how important it was to have Rihanna's support for the doc, Rocky said it was "important having that support in real life, you know?"

"It's amazing and I'm honestly truly blessed, for real," Rocky added.

Along with Rihanna -- whom Rocky recently referred to as "the love of my life" during an interview with GQ in May -- the film also features some notable appearances from some of artist's A-list friends -- including Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell and Tyler the Creator.

The movie itself follows Rocky's rise to fame, as well as his high-profile legal troubles which landed him in a Swedish prison, stuck for a time in solitary confinement, in July 2019. The artist explained that "nothing is off limits" when it comes to what the movie is willing to explore in his life.

"I think making a documentary is all about vulnerability," he explained. "The documentary is all about showing honesty, authenticity, purity."

For Rocky, it was important to him to explore the nuances of his life and career, as well as his imprisonment, without casting him in any particular light, or in a way that tried to get people to feel bad for his circumstances.

"I just wanted to tell my story without really complaining or without, you know, seeming like a victim, or like I wanted a pity party or what not," he shared. "So, here it is."

This documentary marks a return to professional life, of sorts, for the artist after more than a year of quarantines and lockdowns amid the pandemic, and Rocky explained what he's planning to work on in the coming year.

"What's next for me was what I was doing before I went to prison," he shared. "Me and the prettiest muthaf**ker ever, we breaking headlines and making history with creativity."

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