Aaron Carter: Fire Department Did a Welfare Check on Him Weeks Before His Death

Carter was found dead on Nov. 5 at his home in Lancaster, California.

As the world mourns former pop star and teen heartthrob Aaron Carter, more details surrounding his untimely death are coming to light. 

Carter was found dead on Saturday at his home in Lancaster, California, about an hour north of Los Angeles. Responding L.A. County authorities found Carter's body in his bathtub. His cause of death has not been confirmed.

Now, signs that the embattled singer was struggling in the months leading up to his death are surfacing. ET can confirm there was a welfare check made for Carter in late September, to which the Los Angeles County Fire Department responded. However, no further details about the welfare check are being released at this time.

ET can also confirm that Carter missed a therapy appointment the evening before he died. 

Carter's death comes less than a year after he and his ex, Melanie Martin, welcomed a baby boy. The couple split one week after Martin gave birth, and she eventually requested a restraining order against him after an alleged physical altercation.

In a statement to ET's Kevin Frazier this morning, Martin gave a somber update on her well-being after Carter's death. "Not well," Martin responded when asked how she was doing since her family's tragic loss. "I haven't slept since it happened. I don't think I will be OK. I'm in complete shock and denial."

Praising Carter despite their tribulations as a family, Martin told ET earlier this week, "Aaron was a wonderful man and he really loved to take care of his family. He never gave up on me. We might have had arguments and breakups but we really could not live without each other."

ET also spoke with Gary Madatyan, Carter's friend for over a decade, and he shared what he experienced when he arrived at the late singer's home on Saturday. 

"When I got there, the house was completely closed. We couldn't get into the house. The police were doing the investigation and the body was still in the house," Madatyan told ET. "After they removed the body from the house, they allowed just a few people to get into the house. We just wanted to go in there and see if any blood or any alcohol or anything was in the house." 

"I went to his bedroom, the bedroom was normal," he continued. "I went to the bathroom where the bathtub was full of water, like, yellowish color."

Madatyan also claimed that he saw aerosol cans in Carter's home, and alleged that the singer had been huffing them, but said he never witnessed it firsthand. 

In the weeks leading up to Carter's death, Madatyan claimed the singer was "really struggling" with his sister, Leslie Carter's, 2012 death, while also dealing with reportedly being estranged from much his family and ongoing custody issues surrounding his and Martin's almost 1-year-old son, Prince.

Despite his public and fractured relationship with his family, and specifically, his brother, Nick, a rep for Carter tells ET that the famed singers had worked to repair their relationship before Carter's death. 

"Aaron was on the path to making amends with so many people in his life, and he had made amends and made peace with Nick," the rep shared. "Aaron was happy about this because he loved his brother. He looked up to Nick in so many ways. They were trying to make everything good again.”