'Abbott Elementary' Sneak Peek: Janine Prepares for Open House, But Ava Crashes the Party (Exclusive)

ABC's breakout comedy is back on Tuesday.

After a one-month break, Abbott Elementary is back to bring more laughs!

On Tuesday's return episode, Janine (Quinta Brunson) and the rest of the teachers at the school gear up for the annual open house, where they're supposed to meet with their students' parents and discuss how they're doing. In ET's exclusive sneak peek, the teachers prepare for the upcoming event in the break room, where they ruminate about how they're going to pass the time. (Travel Scrabble is a popular option.)

But Gregory (Tyler James Williams) is about to experience is first Abbott Elementary open house and he's quite green about it -- thinking that they actually discuss matters of importance with the parents. They all have a hearty laugh when he innocently asks, "Aren't we going to have to spend time talking to the parents at the open house?"

Meanwhile, Janine is busy working on what seems like a thesis paper with piles of books and paper strewn all across her desk. As she tells Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph), it's a "make or break" open house for her because of one of her struggling students, Nina, and it's her only chance to connect with her mom. "So it has to go perfect," Janine says with a nervous laugh.

"What's your resting heartrate?" Gregory asks, not out of concern and more out of curiosity. 

"75," Janine answers quickly, to Melissa's (Lisa Ann Walter) surprise. "What are you a hummingbird?" the second grade teacher asks.

But Janine's empathetic to Nina's situation and declares "parents should be involved." Just when Gregory asks her who she's "afraid" her student will end up like, Ava (Janelle James) comes storming in at the perfect moment with headphones on and '90s-inspired gear as she raps into the break room.

"I'm DJing the open house!" she exclaims. "DJ A-V-A!!!" When no one replies to her announcement, she mutters, "Whatever." Watch ET's exclusive clip above.

Abbott Elementary airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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