'Abbott Elementary' Teachers Look Forward to a 'Good Year' in New Promo (Exclusive)

The Emmy-winning sitcom returns for season 3 on Feb. 7.

School is almost back in session at Abbott Elementary -- and the hilarious cast of fictional teachers can't wait!

In ET's exclusive first look at a new promo for the show's upcoming third season, stars Quinta Brunson, Tyler James Williams, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Lisa Ann Walter, Janelle James and Chris Perfetti gather on the rooftop of the school to admire the sunrise and prepare for the "good year" ahead.

"I miss the harmonious melody of backpacks unzipping," Barbara Howard (Ralph) muses.

"And the sweet sound of the children laughing," Melissa Schemmenti (Walter) agrees.

"Even if it's a mean laugh," Perfetti's Jacob Hill adds, "like when one of them puts a tack on my chair."

"Oh, that was me," Ava Coleman (James) admits. "My bad!"

However, the moment is quickly spoiled by the arrival of school janitor Mr. Johnson (William Stanford Davis), who points out that the light they're admiring is not the sunrise, but a "dumpster fire down by the railroad tracks."

"We shouldn't be breathing this," Gregory Eddie (Williams) warns. Watch the full clip below, as well as another hilarious season 3 promo featuring the cast

Brunson was honored as a Glamour Woman of the Year last month, and opened up about how intense it is to write, produce and star on Abbott, noting that for future projects she plans to not wear quite so many creative hats at once.

"Our first season was only 13 episodes, and we created those 13 episodes before the show aired. Second season, I had to learn how to pull back a little bit because we filmed 22 episodes, which started airing while we were writing and filming. I couldn't be in every place at once, so I had to pick and choose my battles," the Golden Globe winner shared.

"This season I'll have to learn where I need to be and when. It's an ever-changing process," she added. "But I think now I'm going to put a little bit more emphasis on taking time to relax because I can't say that I have done that for the first two seasons. I have to learn how to also say yes and no to things."

Abbott Elementary returns with a two-part season 3 premiere on Wednesday, Feb. 7.