Abraham Mateo and CNCO Show Darker Side of Love In 'Me Vuelvo Loco' Music Video (Exclusive)

CNCO Abraham Mateo
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ET has your exclusive look at the artists' new music video.

Abraham Mateo and CNCO are crazy in love and not afraid to show it.

The 20-year-old Spanish stud and the Latin pop quintet -- composed of Joel Pimentel, Christopher Vélez, Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colon, and Zabdiel de Jesús -- teamed up for a hot new tune, "Me Vuelvo Loco," and ET has your exclusive first look at the music video!

Showing the darker side of love, Mateo and CNCO bring their smooth vocals to the guitar-driven rhythm. The accompanying music video depicts the guys in a psychiatric ward with straight jackets and all, demonstrating how their passion can send them over the deep end.

"I am excited to bring my sound from the European, Spanish, and Latinx market to American listeners," Mateo tells ET. "Some of my biggest musical inspirations are from the U.S. As a Spanish artist -- it is a dream to have already collaborated with acts like Jennifer Lopez, Austin Mahone, and 50 Cent."

"Me Vuelvo Loco" is Mateo's follow up to his swoon-worthy song "Contigo" featuring Diana Ela, Leslie Shaw and Katalina.

Meanwhile, CNCO recently dropped "De Cero." ET sat down with the five crooners last month, where they gave us all the scoop on how the single is all about leaving the drama behind.

"Scratch all the drama," Christopher described.

"Let's forget about all that. Let's forget about all that drama and just start from zero," Richard added. "Let's just get to know each other again."

See more in the video below.