Adam Demos Dishes on 'Sex/Life' Season 2 and His Girlfriend's Reaction to His Steamy Movie Scenes (Exclusive)

ET spoke to Demos and his 'Perfect Pairing' co-star, Victoria Justice, about their new Netflix film.

Steamy scenes are just part of the job for Adam Demos. ET's Denny Directo spoke with Demos and his Perfect Pairing co-star, Victoria Justice, about their new film and what it was like for his Sex/Life co-star and girlfriend, Sarah Shahi, to watch him go shirtless for the rom-com.

"It's much easy for my mom to watch this movie, that's for sure," Demos said of A Perfect Pairing, which has the 36-year-old actor a bit more covered up than he is in Sex/Life. As far as Shahi, Demos said she understands that the steamy scenes are "all part of the job."

"It's all part of the job, and there's respect there and there's all the boundaries and all that sort of stuff," he explained. "We're professionals at the end of the day. So yeah, of course she understands it. She's been working a lot longer than I have."

While he couldn't say too much about Sex/Life's second season, Demos did share that fans are in for some "wild" storylines.

"I can't say anything because it'll ruin it, but it's crazy," Demos revealed. "It was a wild ride season 1, and they turned it up. A lot."

He continued, "We've got some new cast in there, who are amazing, and the storylines are wild. You're in for -- I don't think anyone's going to be disappointed, that's for sure."

In A Perfect Pairing, Justice plays a go-getter L.A. wine executive who signs on to work at an Australian sheep farm, where she sparks with a rugged and mysterious local, played by Demos. Shot in Queensland, Australia, the role was somewhat of a homecoming for Demos, who grew up on a farm in Australia.

"I grew up on a smaller farm, not like the one in the movie. But it was unreal, I saw parts of Australia I'd never seen before," Demos shared. "And so, to have the opportunity to do this film, to go back home and see all of Queensland -- we got to stay on the water and then we would shoot an hour and a half inland. And we didn't use a studio, it was all outdoors. So, it was unreal."

It was a dream set for Justice too, who said she often had to pinch herself while filming.

"Honestly, the locations were amazing," Justice gushed. "I remember Adam and I would just show up to set, and we would look at each other and just be like, 'Can we pinch ourselves now? Is this really our job? This is where we get to go to work.'"

While the pair didn't know each other before filming the Netflix rom-com, they made quite the pairing both on and off-screen, with Justice telling ET that she feels "lucky" to have worked with the actor.

"He's obviously great and super talented. And it was great when I met Adam," Justice shared. "You never know who you're going to get paired up with. And I feel so lucky to work with you, because you're awesome."

"And so rounded and so willing to play and just do, have fun," she continued. 

It was a sentiment Demos shared as well.

"I feel the same," Demos agreed. "It's like, you can have these great locations and everything, but if you're not working with someone whose company you really enjoy and who soaks it all up and appreciates it the way you do, then it sort of ruins the experience."

Adding, "She's the most appreciative person on set. And so, it was good."

See the perfect pair in A Perfect Pairing, now streaming on Netflix.