'UnREAL's' Adam Demos Says Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s Dramatic 'Bachelor' Finale Is a Total 'Quinn Move' (Exclusive)


Aussie actor Adam Demos talks to ET about the third season of the provocative Lifetime drama.

The drama on UnREAL is just starting to ramp up.

On Monday's episode, titled "Clarity," Quinn's secret hookup with hunky Everlasting suitor, Australian hippie August, is not-so-secret anymore. In classic UnREAL fashion, Quinn and August's dirty deed comes out into the open in dramatic fashion, prompting Rachel -- who's been harboring a crush on the Peace Corps do-gooder since the premiere -- to take some drastic action.

"You can't blame him," Adam Demos tells ET of August's decision to have sex with Quinn in her office. "They're both really intriguing, attractive and powerful chicks. Let's all give poor little August a break here."

"When you've got an attractive, powerful lady who earns her strength, August is a man as well. He hasn't really formed a connection with Quinn like he has with Rachel, but there's an attraction there," he adds. "I think that's where it goes. It's as simple as that. He's just a sucker for romance."

That may be easier said than done. Though it appeared early in the season that Rachel may have found someone who represented everything her ex, Jeremy, didn't, there may be more to August than a personal mission to invoke positive change on the world.

"He's doing his thing in the Peace Corps and he's trying to do some good things out there in the world. He saw coming on [Everlasting] as a good way to promote certain causes on a bigger scale, and that was his original reasoning for coming on. He had a bigger picture, but as UnREAL goes and they're all put under the microscope of the show, things take a different path," Demos says, adding that August's "endgame" shifts dramatically. "People can't ever plan for connections they make that change your course."

August isn't only at the center of a triangle of sorts between Quinn and Rachel, he's also butting heads with fellow Everlasting suitor, successful Wall Street investment banker Jasper, who has more in common -- on paper at least -- with suitress Serena than August does. 

"They come from completely different worlds and different ways of thinking. I'm obviously biased towards August; I feel like Jasper may be more materialistic, and maybe August thinks he has a better scope on the world," Demos explains. "The way Jasper carries himself isn't very mature for want of a better word. I think that's where it comes from -- they're just completely opposite."

And just because Serena seems to be a tough cookie to crack, Demos hints that August will worm his way into Serena's heart -- though the way he goes about it could be considered manipulative at best. "Don't cancel out the fact that he and Serena may find some things in common later on," the actor teases.

Demos, who also appears in the fourth season of UnREAL, says being on the show for two seasons has "a hundred percent" added to his level of fascination with the behind-the-scenes posturing that goes on with shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

"It's almost like now we're told how it's being done," Demos says. "I have met people from The Bachelor shows and they say it's scary how true some of the stuff that happens on UnREAL is. Now when I'm sitting down watching these shows, I can see the edit and it makes it a lot more interesting."  

Last week saw the dramatic conclusion of Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s controversial Bachelor season, in which he proposed to winner Becca Kufrin, dumped her on-camera during what was supposed to be a "happy couple weekend" that aired unedited, went back to runner-up Lauren Burnham and later proposed to Burnham on the After the Final Rose special. Luyendyk Jr. caught flack from viewers and Bachelor and Bachelorette alums for how he treated Kufrin.

"That's heavy! That is a Quinn move!" Demos says with a laugh, adding that what went down on The Bachelor finale would be something the producers of Everlasting would totally think up. "You can almost see Quinn in the control room fist-pumping with a walkie in the hand. That's heavy, oh god."

"Well, those producers did their jobs to get the ratings," he adds.

As for what awaits viewers for the rest of the season, Demos describes it as "unpredictable in the most amazing way." "When you think that you're onto something, the show does a complete right-hand turn and you're like, where did that come from?" Demos says.

UnREAL airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.