Adam Levine Documents Getting a Huge Tattoo on His Right Leg That Took 13 Hours

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Check out Adam Levine's brand new sizeable ink.

Adam Levine has some brand new sizeable ink. The Maroon 5 frontman shared video of himself on Instagram over the weekend getting an intricate tattoo, which took 13 hours to complete.

The already heavily tattooed singer got a Japanese-inspired design on his right leg by tattoo artist Bill Canales. In the black-and-white time lapse video, 42-year-old Levine lies on his left side as Canales works, at one point, petting an adorable dog. Canales also shared a video of the process on his own Instagram, noting that the tattoo took two days to complete.

"A true warrior to say the least and hell of a guy," Canales wrote about Levine.

Tattoo artist Nathan Kostechko, who tattooed Levin's left leg, commented, "Incredible work Bill! Adam is stoked."

In March, Levine documented Kostechko tattooing his left leg with a set of waves, writing, "Today was ouch but worth it." The tattoo took three days to complete.

Instagram/Adam Levine

Back in 2016, his wife, model Behati Prinsloo, talked to ET about her husband's many tattoos, including their matching ones.

"It's on my side," she told ET of her tattoo, which reads "you're so cool, you're so cool, you're so cool" in script.

Meanwhile, Levine's matching ink is on his right bicep. 

"It's not a new thing," Prinsloo noted. "We first got it together when we got married."

She also said she was a fan of Levine's massive back tattoo of a mermaid, which he got in 2015.

"It's kind of an old school, Sailor Jerry kind of vibe, and him and his tattoo artist just worked on it for a really long time," she noted. "I approve!"