Adam Pally Reacts to 'Happy Endings' Revival Talks (Exclusive)

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Don’t get too excited about a happy ending for Happy Endings. At least not just yet.

Last month, ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke shocked the internet at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour, by announcing that the alphabet network was looking into giving the sitcom, which ran from 2011 to 2013, another shot at life.

"I will never say never; I'm hearing whispers," Burke told The Hollywood Reporter during an interview. "That is a dream of a lot of people at ABC. I'm hearing that there's a remote possibility of something. It's at the very beginning [stages]."

But, apparently, those "whispers" only made it to the cast after the quote got out.

"I woke up to it and it was trending, and I was like, am I dead? Did I die? Did we all die? Was the whole thing a dream?" Adam Pally, who played Max on the show, quips to ET. So, maybe? It'd be fun.”

"I think everyone would love to do it," he adds.

For now, Pally is focused on his new NBC sitcom, Indebted. ET spoke with the actor and his co-stars, Abby Elliott and Jessy Hodges, at NBC’s Comedy Starts Here event in Los Angeles on Monday. Elliott is also a Happy Endings alum, having guest-starred on the series. Both she and Pally say they would love for the rest of the Happy Endings gang to pop up on Indebted, specifically Casey Wilson, aka Penny.

There's some time to pull those guest spots together. Indebted won’t hit airwaves until midseason. On the show, Pally and Elliott play a married couple who get a major shock when his parents, played by sitcom royalty Fran Drescher and Steven Weber, show up in need of a place to live after they’ve gone broke.

"It's when you're a little older and you start to have children, all of a sudden, your parents start to need a little more parenting," Pally explains of the set-up. "And this show is about a family who's going through that transition."


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