Adam Rodriguez Jokes About Being Jennifer Lopez's Original A-Rod in 'If You Had My Love' Video (Exclusive)

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Adam Rodriguez is Jennifer Lopez's original A-Rod!

The 42-year-old Criminal Minds star has come a long way from his role in J.Lo's 1999 "If You Had My Love" music video. ET's Courtney Tezeno sat down with Rodriguez on Monday to chat about his directorial debut on the hit CBS series and starring in Lopez's breakout video.

"Oh my god. That's so funny," Rodriguez said with a laugh as he watched clips of himself in the video. Coincidentally, he and J.Lo's current beau, Alex Rodriguez, have the same initials and last name. So does he think Lopez chose the wrong A-Rod?

"Ah, no!" he expressed, adding that he's never met the former New York Yankees player. "But I gotta believe she chose the right one because that's where she's at. I have never really given it any thought until just now and I would say for sure she's made the right choice."

While they both are A-Rods, the Magic Mike star added that he's never associated with the nickname.

"A little bit in high school when I was playing baseball before he was A-Rod," he shared. "I mean, he was A-Rod wherever he was and in the little world I was living in my guys on the baseball team called me that, but not too many. It never stuck."

While J.Lo and Alex are happily coupled up, Adam, himself, is married to Grace Gail and are parents to two daughters. Adam even revealed to ET that he hopes to expand his family one day.

"I hope there are more children in the future for us," the father of two shared. "But I don't really care about gender, other than being curious about the difference in the experience is. I watch little boys now and they are just running around tearing things up and smashing their heads into things.

"Just doing things that don't make any sense and I'm like, 'Do I wanna deal with that right now?'" he added. "Girls are so much smarter."

But, he's definitely curious about having a son. "Boys do things and then realize, 'Oh, yeah that hurts.' Girls are like, 'If I do that, that's gonna hurt. I'm not going to do that,'" he explained. "So for that reason I would be curious to see how I'd handle the situation, you know, raising a boy. Whatever comes comes. Hopefully we'll be fortunate enough to have it healthy."

For now, Adam is focusing on work and his Criminal Minds directorial debut coming up.

"First of all, it was an incredible experience. I loved it as I do every day there," he expressed. "It was really nice to participate in a different capacity than just being the actor that I get to be every day. I now got to contribute in all these other ways and work with people that I'm with everyday but don't actually get to interact with in terms of making the show. As the actor, you come in, do what you gotta do, everybody else has done all this work before you get there. It was nice to be a part of doing that."

Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on CBS.


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