Adam Sandler on Possibly Reuniting With Drew Barrymore on the Big Screen (Exclusive)

The actor dished on working with his family, reuniting with Julie Bowen and whether he’ll do more movies with Barrymore.

They’ve adorably lit up the screen on The Wedding Singer, Blended and 50 First Dates, and Adam Sandler is totally down to star alongside Drew Barrymore in another film project! The 54-year-old actor dished on working with his family and reuniting with Julie Bowen on his latest film, Hubie Halloween, and whether he’ll do more movies with Barrymore during an interview with ET’s Lauren Zima.

When asked if he would be open to the idea of filming another movie with Barrymore, Sandler said, “Of course.”

“Any time Drew wants to -- she's gotta tell me and then I'll do it,” he said. “But now she's busy with that show. I love her on the show.”

“She's cool [and] solid as rock, just like she is in real life,” Sandler added about Barrymore’s new talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show. “[She] just knows how to talk to you [and] make you say, ‘Hmmm, maybe I'll discuss this with you.’ I always open up when I talk to Drew. She's gonna do that with the whole world.”

Sandler already helped Barrymore reenact a scene from 50 First Dates for her talk show premiere. He says he also recorded an interview with Barrymore which will air “soon.”

And, while that may be the most fans see of Barrymore and Sandler on screen together for the time being, the actor has recently reunited with another co-star -- working with Modern Family actress, Julie Bowen on Hubie Halloween.

“She's great,” says Sandler, who previously worked with Bowen on the 1996 film, Happy Gilmore. “[During the] pandemic, we watched Modern Family three weeks straight. My kids seriously watch it almost every day. Julie's incredible. Everybody on that show is incredible.”

“It was just nice to be with her again,” continues the actor, who plays Hubie in the film. “Back in Happy Gilmore, we were both like, ‘Oh my God, we're making a movie, this is insane.’ I think [with] this one we were [able] to make the movie and also talk about other stuff.”

However, what makes Hubie Halloween extra special is that Sandler’s wife, Jackie, and their daughters, 14-yeaar-old Sadie and 11-year-old Sunny, also appear in the movie. The girls both already have an impressive list of film credits, but since Halloween is the holiday everyone looks forward to in the Sandler household, working on Hubie Halloween as a family was a dream.

“There were sets up that made it look like it was Halloween the whole summer we were there,” he says. “There was Halloween stuff everywhere, so it was great and my kids got to dress up and my wife got to dress up, and I was a buffoon and the movie was fantastic.”

“If they're happy, I'm psyched,” Sandler added about having his daughters following in his acting footsteps. “They shot four or five days [and they were] excited, rehearsing, laughing, having a good time. And, they got to be friends with Noah Schnapp and Paris [Berelc] and the whole crew of young actors in the movie. My kids got to hang out with them and that was a big deal.”

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