Adam Sandler's Daughter Crashes His 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Interview to Explain Grooming Accident

Adam Sandler at the premiere of 'Murder Mystery' in Los Angeles on June 10
Leon Bennett/Getty Images

'I had a hair coming out of my ear,' the actor explains.

Adam Sandler had a slight grooming incident right before filming his virtual appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

The Uncut Gems star invited his 11-year-old daughter, Sunny, to crash the interview, so she could help her dad explain to Jimmy Kimmel what went wrong.

"I had a hair coming out of my ear, apparently, and Sunny told me about it and she said I look goofy. So I went and shaved," Adam began. "I came downstairs, I said, 'How's that, Sunny?' And she said, 'You're bleeding.'"

Sunny then chimed in, trying to explain what the wound looked like. "So, it's bloody and then there's [a gut]," she said.

Watch below:

Last October, Sunny stole the spotlight again, this time with her sister, 14-year-old Sadie. The two performed Taylor Swift's "Lover" at the Rock4EB charity event in Malibu, California, which helped raise money for epidermolysis bullosa. 

In a video shared by a fan who was at the event, Adam could be seen playing his guitar while his daughters sang. At one point, he gently teased the girls' nerves, saying, "You're knees are shaking, right? How do you think I feel? Every g**damn night I do this s**t."

See the full performance below: