Adam Sandler Says 'Yes' to Greenlighting 'Happy Gilmore' Sequel

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Is a Happy Gilmore sequel in the works? According to Adam Sandler, he's all in!

The actor and Christopher McDonald made an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, where they were asked if there had been talks about doing a Happy Gilmore 2. The two actors starred in the 1996 film.

"It has not been discussed, but it has certainly been discussed on the internet," Sandler said. "Believe, me, that Senior Tour idea, it would be so amazing."

When Patrick asked if he could "greenlight" the movie, Sandler replied, "Yes. Yes, you can greenlight this…I don't know if [we can do it]," before being cut off.

McDonald, on his end, added that he is "double in." "Yes, I would love to do it," he relayed. "Everyone's been screaming for it, like Adam said, on the internet. I just gotta say, it would be a complete blast, the Senior Tour with us too, oh my god."

Happy Gilmorecelebrated its 25th anniversary on Feb. 16. To commemorate the day, Sandler shared a video with his fans on Instagram.

"OK, it’s been 25 years since I’ve done this. Let’s see what happens," he said in the clip, before giving a shout-out to McDonald. "Shooter McGavin, this one’s for you!"

"Happy loves you all!" Sandler captioned his post. "Thanks for everything!"

McDonald also shared his hilarious -- and in-character -- response on his Instagram.

"It's all about the short game," he said. "Drive for the show, putt for the dough."

For more on Happy Gilmore, watch below.


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