Adam Sandler Wants to Cast Shaquille O'Neal in Next 'Murder Mystery' Sequel (Exclusive)

The actor is crossing his fingers for a third movie in the Netflix franchise.

Adam Sandler knows who he wants to appear in a potential Murder Mystery 3. ET's Nischelle Turner spoke with the 56-year-old actor at the premiere for the second installment of the Netflix franchise, and he revealed that there's one person who could make him sign on for a third film.

"If Shaq's in it, I'm in it," Sandler told ET of Shaquille O'Neal. "I love Shaq and anytime he's near me, I'm happier."

The films take place in stunning destinations and Sandler promised that the next one would be no different if O'Neal signed on. "Next one, wherever Shaq says," he quipped.

If O'Neal isn't down for the film, Sandler is open to having another star step in for a role.

"Me and Aniston have a great time and whoever wants to get murdered, hang out for six, seven weeks, eight weeks somewhere, it's a good time," he said.

Sandler's Murder Mystery co-star, Jennifer Anistontold ET that she's likewise down for a third movie, though she hasn't gotten to dream casting yet.

Murder Mystery 2 hits Netflix March 31.