Addison Rae Teams Up With Mom for New Podcast 'Mama Knows Best'

The TikTok star's podcast launches July 20.

Addison Rae Easterling is launching a podcast! The TikTok star is joining forces with her mom, Sheri Nicole (a TikTok star in her own right -- with 8.1 million followers), for a podcast called Mama Knows Best. Addison, who is one of the most followed members in the Hype House sponsored by Maven's List, announced the news on social media on Monday. 

The Parcast podcast will be available to stream exclusively on Spotify starting July 20, with new episodes releasing every Monday. Mama Knows Best will give fans an intimate and authentic look into Addison and Sheri's mother-daughter relationship. Addison's 50+ million followers look to her for advice, but she looks to her mom. 

"Every week, we're going to talk about my life, the big and the small, and pretty much everything you want to know. Or, maybe don't want to know," Addison says in the trailer. "And we'll have some pretty fun advice from my mom as well." 

Sheri adds, "We have some awesome episodes lined up, like dating today versus dating back in my day." 

"And we'll also cover living with your parents as an adult, which I know a lot about, and dealing with negativity on social media. Also, what it's like to go viral," Addison promises. "And of course, we'll take you behind the scenes of some of our daily life." 

In a February interview with ET, Addison admitted that she never could have predicted her TikTok fame. 

"It's so bizarre to me to even think that this is possible from an app," she confessed. "When I first downloaded TikTok, [it was] as a joke. I think that's what everyone downloads it as. I was babysitting a lot of middle schoolers at the time, and they all had TikTok and that was kind of like the age group that used the app at the time. I ended up getting it just because they all had it." 

"I posted a video as a joke and it actually did very well and I was, like, very shocked," Addison added. "After that point, it was kind of like realizing, 'Oh my gosh, you can actually get somewhere with this app!'" 

See more on Addison in the video below. 


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