Adele Reveals the Surprising Way Her Loved Ones Reacted to Her New Music

Adele released her first new single in six years on Friday with the song 'Easy on Me.'

Adele's inner circle keeps her humble! The 33-year-old British songstress released her highly anticipated first single, "Easy on Me," at midnight U.K. time on Friday, and the emotional ballad documents the singer's feelings amid her split and subsequent divorce from Simon Konecki, the father of her son, Angelo. 

Promoting the new single on the BBC 1 Radio Breakfast show with Greg James on Friday, Adele shared the funny response the song originally got from her closest friends. 

"Well, they loved it," she said. "I was saying the other day that I sent a snippet of me singing it as I was writing it to three of my closest friends here and one didn't like it, the other one was like, 'Well, yeah, maybe, keep trying though,' and the other one was, 'I'm busy working.' So that was the perfect response for me." 

Laughing off the initial reaction, Adele added one particular quality to the song that impressed her friends. 

"People, they loved my patience in it. I'm such a knee-jerk person," she explained. "I'll be like, 'I don't like it, forget it!' I'm like that with my music. I'm like that with just things I want to do. I'm like that with my feelings and stuff and it was, I think it was clear to them in the lyrics that I've bided my time and I wasn't reacting to a reaction or anything like that. It was just a feeling that I had stirred on for a while."

Noting that she first wrote the song at a point where "I was at my wits' end," Adele reflected on the inspiration behind the moving anthem. She said that a lot of it surrounded conversations she had with loved ones in the aftermath of her relationship with Konecki. 

"Normally I'm very not confrontational, but you can initiate something and be like, 'Hang on a minute, go easy on me!' Like, bear with me while I try to find my feet in a situation," she said. "There's something that's really hopeful about it as well as sad. I obviously balled my eyes out when I was writing it and when I was singing it for the recording." 

Adding that she had hoped to release the album in 2020 before the COVID pandemic, Adele said she's ready to bring new music to her fans. 

"I'm just so eager for 'Easy on Me' to come out and for the album to come out and for it just to exist, for my truth just to exist in the world," she said. 

Drake/Instagram Stories

Fans around the world have already streamed "Easy on Me," including Drake. The "God's Plan" singer posted a photo of Adele to his Instagram Stories, writing, "One of my best friends in the world just dropped a single @adele WOIIIIII."  

Adele's new album, 30, is set to be released on Nov. 19.