'AGT: Champions': 14-Year-Old Powerhouse Singer Courtney Hadwin Returns With Wild, Original Tune

The young songstress who won fans over with her huge voice and over-the-top presence returned to the 'AGT' stage on Monday.

When Courtney Hadwin ended up not taking home the top prize during season 13 of America's Got Talent last year, the world was shocked and disappointed. 

But the 14-year-old singer returned to the stage on Monday's new AGT: The Champions, and showed us once again just how amazing it is to watch the quiet, soft-spoken high-school student transform into a titan of rock vocals right in front of our eyes.

"Growing up, I've always wanted to be a rock star," Hadwin said in a pretaped package played before her performance. "Champions is a second chance for my dream come true."

Hadwin went on to reflect how, on her season of AGT, she covered famous songs, which people loved but which didn't earn her the championship. "So there wouldn't be any point in doing Champions if I'm gonna do the same thing," Hadwin said. "I really want to show people something a bit different."

Hadwin, who earned the Golden Buzzer when she first performed for the judges during season 13, brought all the screaming energy and captivating magic to her performance that the judges had come to expect, and she worked the crowd with a greater confidence than ever before.

"Courtney, that was bloody fantastic," Simon Cowell marveled after her captivating routine. "I think this has been my favorite performance of yours so far."

While everyone really loved the number, judge Howie Mandel admitted he didn't recognize the song Hadwin performed. 

Flashing a nervous smile, the bashful songstress admitted the catchy tune was an original composition, eliciting a shocked cheer from the audience and a standing ovation from the already impressed judges.

Eventually, Hadwin made it into the night's top three. But she ultimately was eliminated, meaning her AGT journey has come to an end once again. Yet it seems almost impossible that a major record deal isn't in her near future, especially considering her ability to write a song that sounds like something from a Janis Joplin album.

Check out the video below to hear more of the young, powerhouse vocalist from her exclusive ET interview during her time on AGT last September.