'AGT: Champions' Finals: The Judges Put Their Lives on the Line for Nerve-Racking Crossbow Stunt

The knife-throwing duo Deadly Games had a terrifying surprise for the 'AGT' judges on Monday.

America's Got Talent: The Champions saw the judges putting their lives on the line during Monday's finals when they all ended up in the sights of a crossbow.

Alfredo and Anna Silva, the married danger artists who make up the duo Deadly Games, got the Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum earlier this season, and they took the stage yet again with a whole new act that really kicked things up to a new level.

After a jam-packed performance filled with their signature brand of nerve-racking stunts -- mostly involving Alfredo throwing knives and shooting arrows at his beloved wife -- the pair seemingly took a bow and basked in the glow of a standing ovation. 

However, the real meat of the act was just about to begin.

Having placed white balloons in front of the judges before their performance started, Alfredo asked the understandably nervous judges to join the duo on stage, and they reluctantly agreed.

"Each of the judges will hold up a line of balloons, and I will shoot all of the balloons with my crossbow," the marksman explained to the crowd as the judges suddenly realized the true nature of their involvement.

After bringing out host Terry Crews to join in on the fun, and having his wife Anna stand at the front of the line, Alfredo admitted, "This needs to be the most precise shot of my career."

"Yes, please," Klum nervously joked as she tried to stay totally still.

Lining up the shot, Alfredo pulled the trigger and buried the arrow in the bullseye, bursting all six balloons in perfect succession to the overwhelming delight of the crowd.

"That was so scary," Klum said, after all the judges returned to their seats. "But now I feel like we got a little closer as we experienced this together, and I kind of loved it."

"I'm just happy to be alive," Howie Mandel quipped, before giving himself a little cheer.

Deadly Games faced off against the other 11 finalists on the first night of amazing performances. The winner of America's Got Talent: The Champions is crowned next Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Meanwhile, check out the video below for some big news on two new judges who will be joining AGT when season 14 kicks off later this year.