Al Roker Makes His Official Return to 'Today' Following Knee Surgery

The beloved weatherman underwent total knee replacement surgery earlier this month.

Al Roker has officially returned to the Today show, new knee and all!

On Tuesday, the beloved weatherman got a warm welcome from his co-hosts, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, as he took his post back inside Rockefeller Center three weeks after getting a total knee replacement surgery.

"Look who's here. Mr. Roker, we are so happy to have you back," Guthrie said as Kotb followed with applause and cheer.

Guthrie then went on to ask Roker about his new knee.

Proudly showing off his newfound mobility, Roker lifted his leg and gave it a little spin as he said, "I got a brand new wheel ... it's all good ... all good." 

In the third hour of the show, Roker gave a little more info on his surgery and gave another promising update.

"I feel good," he told his co-hosts. "This was a more involved operation because they were taking out a knee and then putting a knee back in. But that said, it's coming along well." 

When asked by colleague Craig Melvin what he did with his old knee, Roker quipped, "I'm putting it on eBay."

Roker added that he was felt good enough to go out boating and to dinner with his wife, Deborah Roberts, and BBQ with his family over the Memorial Day holiday. 

Last week, Roker teased his comeback to work when he dropped in and surprised his co-hosts during a segment. The 68-year-old weatherman looked stylish in a fedora hat, navy blue blazer worn over a pink polo shirt, pink pants and black-and-white sneakers. He walked gingerly on the set with the help of a cane. According to Today, colleague Sheinelle Jones said they were expecting to see Roker that day, but not live on the show.

Days prior to his surprise visit, Roker appeared virtually and spoke about his operation, which came with some complications. 

"I am doing fine. It is good to see all of you. I'm going to be honest. I've had a number of replacements, knee replacements. It’s not a big surprise. This one has been the toughest one yet because they had to take out the old one, which had some complications, and then put in a new one," Roker explained.

Roker then showed off an X-ray of his new knee, to give viewers and his fellow colleagues a look at what he's working with now that his old knee has been replaced. Roker's recent surgery was a revision of a left knee replacement that he had done 23 years ago. He had a previous right knee replacement surgery in 2016, according to Today.

Roker's surgery comes after a recent run of health complications saw him taking an extended leave from the show at the end of last year.