Al Roker Shares How He Accidentally Learned He's Expecting a Granddaughter (Exclusive)

The beloved TV newsman spoke with ET on Wednesday at the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame Awards Gala.

Al Roker couldn't be more excited to be a grandpa, and it turns out he's gearing up to welcome an adorable granddaughter!

Roker walked the carpet at the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame Awards' 31st Anniversary Gala in New York City on Wednesday, where he was joined by Today show co-host Hoda Kotb, and he spoke with ET about the upcoming addition to his family.

"Courtney is expecting our first granddaughter," Roker said, before quickly correcting himself, using the word "grandchild," and revealing that she's due in June.

When asked if it was a slip of the tongue, Roker said it wasn't really, because he "didn't want to know" the sex of the baby either, but his daughter accidentally revealed the news.

"She [texted] me a sonogram picture and I said, 'That baby looks just like you,' and she said, 'Doesn't she?' And then you see the bubbles," Roker said, recalling the fateful text chat. "[She goes] 'I'm so sorry!' and I went, 'You had one [job]!'"

"I wanted to be surprised," Roker added, laughing.

The beloved TV newsman's oldest daughter, Courtney Roker Laga -- whom he shares with ex-wife Alice Bell -- posted a sweet montage video of herself and her husband, Wesley Laga, on Instagram, showing off their baby's first sonogram and ultrasound back in March.

Courtney spoke with about her baby news at the time, sharing, "We are extremely excited to welcome a new member into our family and start this next chapter in our lives. We feel truly blessed and excited for our little miracle."

As for Roker's induction into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame on Wednesday, the veteran anchor and TV personality was excited about the honor.

"You know, it was special, and so I asked Hoda for advice," Roker said, as Kotb chuckled. "She actually had lent me her dress but I just decided not to go with that because she looks so good in it."

"But really, it's very humbling and it's a terrific honor," he added with a smile.

"Al's the gold standard," Kotb shared. "I mean, Al is the is the one thing that we know will always be there, especially on the Today show. We've seen anchor teams, and you've seen them come and go, and who's there? Al. When I when I sit in my chair and I look to my left and Al is there, I know the world's OK and I feel like Al adds more than the weather -- it's about a sense of calm stability."

"I would march to hell and back with this woman," Roker said. "Because she is the best, and Savanah [Guthrie], and you're only as good as the people you work with, you know? And that's why I'm here. Because of them."