See Hoda Kotb and Al Roker Share a Candy Bar 'Lady and the Tramp' Style on Live TV

The pair's hilarious moment happened during a live segment on Wednesday's show.

There's nothing like sharing a bite with your co-worker! On Wednesday, Hoda Kotb and Al Roker channeled their inner Disney characters as they filmed a Today segment.

During the America's Snacking Habits segment of the show, the weatherman admitted that he liked to consume PayDay candy bars -- without the wrapper.

When he was initially presented with the treat, Roker wasn't too keen to eat it on air. "It's not that appealing," he said of the candy bar. "I've only eaten it out of the wrapper."

Shortly after, Roker suggested that viewers vote on the Today show Twitter account if they want to see him eat the PayDay.

When the results came in with viewers voting "absolutely," it was time for Roker to take on the challenge.

Holding up the completely unwrapped candy bar, Roker looked to his co-host for assistance.

"Hey, will you help me?" he asked Kotb.

As he grabbed one end and she grabbed the other, they leaned in to give the candy bar a nibble from opposite sides.

"Kind of a Lady and the Tramp [moment]," Roker quipped.

"And there's the meme," Craig Melvin chimed in.

Kotb was pleased with her decision to join her friend with a snack, adding, "That was good! You're right. I like a PayDay."

Kotb and Roker's hilarious moment comes after both of them took respective time off from the show recently. Roker was away from Today for two months as he recovered from health complications.

Earlier this month, Kotb was away from the morning program for a week, while her daughter was in the hospital.