Alessia Cara Does Insane Billie Eilish and Amy Winehouse Impressions: Watch!

The GRAMMY winner showed off her vocal chops on ‘The Tonight Show.’

Alessia Cara isn’t a GRAMMY winner for nothing!

The 23-year-old “Stay” singer visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, where she played a game of “Wheel of Musical Impressions” with the host and was given several famous names to imitate. First up was the queen of the summer, Billie Eilish, whom Cara had to pretend to be while singing “Pop Goes the Weasel.”

“I’m so sorry, Billie, in advance. I love you!” Cara gushed before breaking out in the perfect impression of the “bad guy” singer. 

Cara then had to impersonate one of her idols, the late Amy Winehouse, singing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.”The flawless imitation had the crowd cheering. 

She ended on a high note, posing as Alanis Morissette singing “Hush, Little Baby.”

Cara is currently on tour with Shawn Mendes, whom she has known for quite some time. She told Fallon about her history with the heartthrob. Back in 2013, Mendes posted about Cara’s music on Twitter and they’ve stayed in touch ever since. 

“I remember when it happened too, because I wasn’t doing music at the time at all, so my Twitter had like 50 followers and I started getting all these crazy mentions because he was big on Vine at the time,” she recalled of Mendes. “And I was like, ‘What’s happening on my Twitter?’ And then I realized he tweeted me and I was like, ‘Hey, that’s like the Vine singer guy, that’s so cool!’”

Eilish is no stranger to getting some celebrity love on social media. After her former celeb crush, Justin Bieber, slid into her DMs, she recorded a remix of “bad guy” with the pop star. 

“I mean, Justin Bieber [DM'd me]!” she dished to ET in March. “He’s amazing. He’s so sweet and, like, I feel -- just, honestly, I feel for him, man. He’s been through a lot, dude.” 

As for Cara, this year, she picked up the Best New Artist Award at the GRAMMYs, opening up to ET’s Nischelle Turner about the experience at the time. 

“I would daydream about winning a GRAMMY one day or even being here, so the fact that I am here is really weird. I haven’t processed it yet. I feel like it’s a really weird dream,” she gushed. 

For more from Eilish, watch the clip below: