Alex Rodriguez Loses Baseball Competition to a 22-Month-Old Viral Sensation: Watch the Cute Clip!

Alex Rodriguez

Some fierce competition! Alex Rodriguez met his match on Tuesday night, facing off against 22-month-old Asher Willig.

Asher became a viral sensation when his dad posted a video of him hitting ball after ball online. So the former New York Yankees star challenged Asher to a soft toss hitting competition on The Tonight Show.

Host Jimmy Fallon made things a bit more fair, forcing A-Rod to hit using his left hand – like Asher – and to use the same bat as the tot.

“Asher saw me hit in my last year, so he’s not really intimidated,” the former pro baller joked.

“Asher’s 22 months. Alex, how old are you?” Fallon asked him.

“I’m around 500 months,” he teased.

Rodriguez rocked a grey turtleneck sweater and matching slacks for the occasion, which might have held him back as he missed several shots.

“That’s why I’m doing TV now, fellas,” he quipped to the audience

Ultimately, Asher beat Rodriguez by one hit. Watch the clip to see the epic defeat!

Rodriguez may be off his game, but he has also been focusing his efforts elsewhere. Watch the clip below for details on his recent trip to Puerto Rico with his girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez!


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