Alexander Ludwig on Which 'Vikings' Co-Star Might Be a Groomsman in His Wedding (Exclusive)

Alexander Ludwig

The 28-year-old actor jokes Travis Fimmel will 'slowly destroy the wedding.'

Alexander Ludwig has found his bride in Lauren Dear -- and he might have a groomsman in Travis Fimmel. In an interview with ET ahead of the final season of Vikings, the 28-year-old actor opened up about his upcoming wedding and the Vikings co-stars who will likely be in attendance. 

"Will there be Vikings co-stars at the wedding? Yeah, they're all invited, of course. It's just going to be, depending if we're going to have a big one or a small one," Ludwig explained. "But to put it into perspective, Travis was over at my family's house for dinner in Vancouver the other night when I wasn't even there. I mean, he's family already. So, he'll definitely be there." 

"He'll probably be one of the groomsmen, for sure," he added, joking, "You'll watch him slowly destroy the wedding." 

Ludwig announced his engagement to Dear on Nov. 22, so they haven't actually started planning their ceremony just yet. "We're just going to ride the storm out and see where the wind takes us," Ludwig shared. 

"We're over the moon... it's been the one light at the end of this pretty crazy tunnel we've all been in," he added. "But it definitely does put things into perspective and makes it really easy to pull the trigger on something like this when you find that person that you just know is going to support you through and through." 

It's an eventful time for Ludwig, as the final 10 episodes of Vikings are set to debut on Amazon later this month. The actor has been playing Bjorn Ironside since season 2, in 2014 -- so wrapping up on the historical series was "bittersweet." 

"I literally just FaceTimed our focus puller on Vikings yesterday, just to catch up, and our hairstylist," he said. "We're all such a family ... I wasn't just saying bye to the character. I was saying goodbye to this incredible group of people who stuck through when they went to hell and back together."

"I mean, braiding the elements together on a show like this is no small feat, especially for the crew. I will miss this show tremendously, but I will also miss the family that we created," he added. 

The final season of Vikings debuts on Amazon Prime Video on Dec. 30.