Ali Wong Gushes Over Working With 'Beef' Co-Star Steven Yeun (Exclusive)

The pair's new comedy drama, 'Beef,' premieres April 6 on Netflix.

Ali Wong is opening up about the "big left turn" she had to take for her new Netflix series, Beef. Speaking to ET's Denny Directo at the show's premiere Thursday night, Wong said she was lucky to have a co-star like Steven Yeun to get her through it. 

"I did but it was really not that bad what we went through," Wong said of reports that she broke out in hives and cried while filming the show. "I didn't break anything, you know? But it was definitely -- it's a big left turn for me, and I'm really lucky that I had a co-star like Steven who's so warm and so giving, and we've become such good friends."

The stand-up comic continued, "And then Sonny (Lee Sung Jin) too, my God, like, I can't imagine doing all of this with people who you know aren't them. It's been like a beautiful journey, and no matter what happens with the show, I always say that -- however people receive it, those friendships that I got with Steven, Sonny, and Jake and the rest of the cast, is like the best outcome."

Yeun shared a similar sentiment about Wong, telling ET, "She's so wonderful. She's just Ali Wong, and getting to know her on camera and off camera, has been such a beautiful and deep experience."

He continued, "I'm just so happy we can share some middle fingers together."

The comedy-drama follows the aftermath of a road rage incident between Danny Cho (Yeun) and Amy Lau (Wong) after they have a not-so-great encounter in a parking lot. The incident takes place as both reach a boiling point in their lives. Not letting their run-in go, Danny chases Amy down city streets, determined to make her life a living hell. And so begins their never-ending revenge spiral.

Wong said the cast went through a lot channeling that rage for this role, but having each other to lean on helped them decompress when the director yelled cut.

"We have seen each other," Wong said. "And I'm very grateful for our friendship."

The show has also served as a cautionary tale, with Wong revealing that after filming Beef, she experiences little to no road rage.

"Oh, after the show it is low," she quipped.

Yeun agreed, adding that his road rage is at a level three these days.

Beef premieres April 6 on Netflix.