Alicia Silverstone Recreates Iconic 'Clueless' Scene With Her Son for Film's 26th Anniversary

Silverstone took to social media to recreate the 'Calvin Klein Dress' scene from the '90s film in honor of its 26th anniversary.

Alicia Silverstone is celebrating the 26th anniversary of Clueless by recreating one of the film's most iconic scenes. Silverstone reprised her role as Cher Horowitz, enlisting her 10-year-old son, Bear, to play the part of her stern, lawyer father in the film.

In the now-viral video, which was created on TikTok and shared on Instagram, Bear critiques Cher's risqué outfit. The quick clip shows Silverstone in a white silk dress and her son dressed up in a suit and glasses.

"Cher, get in here," Bear beckons. "What's up, Daddy?" Silverstone asks.

"What the hell is that?" he says, lip syncing the famous lines from the film. "A dress,” Silverstone responds. "Says who?" he retorts before she replies, "Calvin Klein."

"What’s up daddy?! 😂 Today marks 26 years since #Clueless premiered," she wrote alongside the adorable re-enactment of the '90s cult classic.

Just last month, Silverstone teamed up with Bear to make her TikTok debut, once again channeling her Clueless character for the scene which created her now-iconic catchphrase, "As if."

In the clip, the 44-year-old actress rocks a Cher-inspired yellow plaid blazer and white ensemble. No Doubt’s “Just a Girl" plays as her son comes up and tries to hug her.

"Ew, get off of me," she mouths, before jokingly pushing Bear away to utter the film's most famous line. "Ugh, as if." The TikTok ends with Silverstone hugging him.

"Ugh! As if... I wouldn't join TikTok. 😉💛😘 #Clueless #AsIf," she captioned the post.

ET spoke with Silverstone last April, where the the actress shared that her favorite line in the iconic film is actually one of Brittany Murphy's.

"It's not my line, but I love when Brittany Murphy says, 'You're a virgin who can't drive,'" she said, before revealing the other lines she remembers. "In my life, sometimes for fun, to make myself laugh, I'll say, 'Oops! My bad.' I really like, 'Well, you see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet.'"