‘Bad Therapy’ Star Alicia Silverstone Reflects on 25th Anniversary of ‘Clueless’ (Exclusive)

The actress talks her new film, 'Bad Therapy,' the TV adaptation of 'The Baby-Sitter’s Club' and 25 years of 'Clueless.'

At 18, as she excitedly took on the role of Cher in Clueless, Alicia Silverstone had no idea the character would become an iconic part of pop culture and still be a hot topic 25 years later.

In a new interview with ET’s Lauren Zima, the 43-year-old actress dished on her new movie, Bad Therapy, discussed her part in the upcoming television adaptation of The Baby-Sitter’s Club, and reflected on her memorable portrayal of Cher in 1995's Clueless.

“I don't think I was thinking about anything in the future when I was 18-years-old,” Silverstone said about whether she ever imagined the phenomenal success of the movie, which marks its 25th anniversary in July. “I had no idea. I just knew it was an exciting part and that [director] Amy Heckerling was such a good filmmaker. I was really excited to take that on.”

Like many who still love the film and certain scenes from it, Silverstone also has her favorites lines.

“It's not my line, but I love when Brittany Murphy says, ‘You're a virgin who can't drive,’” she shared. “In my life, sometimes for fun, to make myself laugh, I'll say, ‘Oops! My bad.’ I really like, ‘Well, you see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet.’”

A quarter of a century later, Silverstone continues to light up the big screen. Her latest film, Bad Therapy, is set to be released on Apr. 17 via on-demand.

Bad Therapy is deliciously ridiculous in that it's a very, very dark comedy,” Silverstone said. “I play one of the Howards and my husband is the delicious amazing Rob Corddry. We are married and my character feels that we should go to some therapy, but truthfully, we're totally in love and everything is going quite well.”

“She's having some weird suspicions about her daughter and her husband and how he's looking at her, so we decide to go to therapy and this therapist quite quickly tries to ruin our lives,” she explained.

The actress also has a role in Netflix’s upcoming small screen adaptation of Ann M. Martin’s popular book series, The Baby-Sitter’s Club. Silverstone portrays Kristy Thomas’ mom, Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer, in the show, premiering in May.

“I never knew about these books,” Silverstone admitted. “When I was a little girl, I was reading V.C. Andrews instead, so I don't know if that makes me twisted or what, but that’s what I was reading. When I was asked to do this and I learned that it was such a beloved thing, I was really excited about that. It’s always fun to do something that people care so much about and bring it back.”

So, how about bringing back something else people care so much about -- Clueless?

“I don't think Amy Heckerling's down for that,” Silverstone said. “It's not in my hands. I think what’s really hard about Clueless to re-do it is that Cher learns how to become a whole human. Where do you pick her up? Do you pick her up from the evolved self or do you pick up from she's relapsed and now she's back to her old ways? I don't know where you go.”

However, Silverstone’s 8-year-old son, Bear, has some ideas! Silverstone shared that after she took Bear, who she shares with ex-husband, Christopher Jarecki, to a screening of the film at a cemetery, he started coming up with his own ideas about where Cher would be today.

“He'll bring little things [about the movie] up,” she said. “One night we were laying in bed and he wrote Clueless Part 2 and what/where Cher would be. It was unbelievable what he thought. She was an alcoholic but he didn't say those words. He was like, ‘She drinks a lot and maybe she's a makeup artist? Like a professional makeup artist.’”

“The way his mind was going about it was really killing me,” she added. “The biggest thing he took away from the movie when he saw it was the kiss. He hadn't really seen a kiss like that, so from then on, he's been trying to kiss me like that like ‘Mmmmmmm,’ -- grabbing me and trying to get his tongue in there. I was like, ‘Oh no, this is why we don't show [him the movie!]”

For more Clueless fun, check out the video below.