Allison Holker Granted Half of Stephen 'tWitch' Boss' Earnings Following His Death

Boss died at the age of 40 on Dec. 13, and did not leave a will.

Stephen 'tWitch' Boss' affairs have been finalized. 

Documents obtained by ET confirm the late dancer's wife, Allison Holker Boss, has been granted half of his artistic earnings -- following his death in December.

The documents state, Holker was granted her request for the Spousal Property Petition, by a judge from the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County, which was filed earlier this year. The documents also confirm that Holker is Boss' surviving spouse and that she was granted "property passing" rights. It also noted that "no administration of it is necessary."

The documents also confirm that the former Ellen DeGeneres Show producer died without a will. 

Holker possesses half of Stephen's interest in 100% of all shares of Stephen Boss Productions, Inc.

Boss had a Goldman Sachs investment account, and royalties from GEP Talent Services, Disney Worldwide Services, Inc., SAG/AFTRA and Cast and Crew Production Services, all of which the dancer is granted half. 

California law says that surviving spouses are entitled to half their spouse's joint estate, the surviving spouse still has to file the petition to prove they are the spouse of the deceased.

tWitch died at the age of 40 on Dec. 13, 2022, after committing suicide. At the time of his death, Holker confirmed the news with a statement to ET. 

In February, the former So You Think You Can Dance star spoke out for the first time, in a message to her fans.

"I just wanna say thank you for all of the love and support you guys have sent to me and my family this time. It has been very challenging and emotional but you guys have brought so much hope and inspiration to us by sharing stories and memories and moments in different ways Stephen impacted your life, and it’s brought us so much hope and inspiration," she said to start the video. "He was someone who was just beautiful. He lived his life from love and he made you feel a certain way. My family and I have always said we wanted to make sure that our purpose was lived out by bringing joy to people."

She continued, "It's going to feel a little bit different. But we know that that’s our purpose. And we’ll still do that to this day, and hope that we can remember the feeling that he gave us and remember that we can still move from there."

The same month, a host of 500 family and friends came together for a Celebration of Life ceremony in honor of Boss in Los Angeles. 

In the months since, Holker, who shares children, Weslie, 14, Maddox, 7, and Zaia, 3, has taken to Instagram to share moments with her children. Earlier this month, the dancer shared a series of pictures from their younger children's first Easter without their father.

"HAPPY EASTER from my babies 🐰🐥," she captioned the sweet series of pics.